Thursday, April 18, 2019

Daisy Chain Mystery - Clue 4 in Progress

It's been a bit rough the last couple of weeks, a business trip and this respiratory illness have really impacted my sewing time. Alison (Little Bunny Quilts) released clue 4 of the Daisy Chain Mystery on Monday, so I'm catch up mode at the moment.  

This clue calls for more 4 patches, though linear rather than square. 

My stitching time has been limited, but I've gotten one strip set made and have a few of the border chunks completed.  Someone called my tan fabrics serene rather than boring, I like that description.  With such serene border colors, that black paisley should take center stage, which was the plan.   

I'm still working on getting all of the clue 3 blocks finished, just ten more to make there.  Clue 4 ends the parts and pieces part of the mystery quilt.  We've got a few weeks to catch up before clue 5, where we start assembling the quilt, comes out on May 6th.  So if you haven't made a start you definitely have some time to select some fabrics and catch up on making the parts and pieces.  


Alison V. said...

These units look great and I think you're going to be very happy with using the tan scrappy fabrics for this step! :D

Janice said...

I like that word "serene". I have LOT of old "serene" looking fabrics. Thanks for the idea of a good way to use them. :D

chrisknits said...

That Paisley will degifinitely be the star!

Marti said...

If your focus fabric is the same as mine, it has a little tan that the strip of tan fabrics will really bring out. Not boring at all!