Sunday, February 24, 2019

Week 8 of 2019: Stitching and De-Stashing

It's been a busy weekend.  We judged the senior division at the District Science Fair yesterday. After that we hit the road to pay the SIT a visit. She was supposed to come home this weekend, but her homework load and test schedule wasn't cooperating.  Finding time to stitch with all that going on has been a bit of a challenge. 

So it wasn't a perfect week on the stitching front, but it wasn't all bad. 

15 minutes stitching days/week = 6/7 days
15 minutes stitching days/Feb = 22/23 days
15 minutes stitching days/2019 = 51/54 days
Success Rate = 94.44%

Some weeks there are just days you can't fit in that 15 minutes of playing with fabric.  Hopefully your week was better on that front. You can share how your stitchy week went at the end of the post.    

The stash report shows a nice chunk of fabric out for the week (at least for me anyway).  

Fabric out this week = 1.36 yards
Fabric out in 2019 = 10.31 yards
More out than in for 2019

I'm back in the black with more fabric used than added to the stash. Part of that was the final borders for Christmas Angels. Now it needs a back pieced, so next week should be a good one too on the stash front.  You can find more stash reports over at Quiltpaintcreate

The other bit of fabric out for the week was the binding for Inverted Star.  

Sewing the binding to the front of the quilt happened Friday and I even got a start on the hand stitching it on the back.  I'm hoping to get back to some more slow stitching this afternoon during the NASCAR race.  You can check out more slow stitching over at Kathy's Quilts.  

Overall it was a really good week.  The Christmas Mystery Quilt is on the way back from being quilted, Christmas Angels is a finished flimsy and Inverted Star is well on it's way to being finished.  Not bad progress for week 8.  

So how successful were you on the time management front this week?

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Gail said...

What a pretty colour for the binding of your quilt, I will be doing some stitching in the car today.

chrisknits said...

Looks like a good week! I was firing on all cylinders, knit, sew, quilt, so progress was made! Now this week will see a few days full of activity, so who knows what will get done.

Quilter Kathy said...

That is terrific progress going on! Enjoy binding and Nascar!

Deb A said...

Great progress on your projects with all the busy things taking up your time. I can usually get 15 M-F in the car line..... but every little bit counts.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hooray for stitching the binding - that means you're close to a finish! I'm looking forward to seeing Inverted Star!

Donna said...

Looks like this is turning into a good stash usage and quilt finishing year for you!

Meloney said...

I know how getting some DD time takes away from some sewing time. But, that is OK, because I love the DD time. Mine came home early because her Friday class was an on-line class and I've had an extra evening with her. Such a great time together.

Marti said...

You did have a good week! I'm impressed with the turnaround time on your quilts. Seems like you just sent that one off to be quilted. Have a relaxing day with Nascar and your binding.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

You had a great week, focusing on quilting and family. That backing fabric is really pretty.

seabreezequilts said...

I hate stitching binding. I know it means the end of the quilt but I would just like to get someone else to do it. I didn't get all the sewing I wanted to do this week, I had plans to have Pretty Circle Game all together so I could start on the border but I didn't get that far.

dq said...

I really enjoy the hand binding part of quilting. Congratulations on a near finish. You are super close.