Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Stitching - Mysteries of Christmas Past

Stitching time was pretty much nonexistent this last week.  Between playing catch up on special projects at work, Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, my stitching time has been pretty limited.  I'm using a single fabric for Good Fortune's Clue 4, so not much to show off there.  The plan is to find out where clue 4 fits in and see how my color choice of black works with the other pieces.  If it doesn't work, I can change it out.  So for now, I'm not going to cut those rectangles.  

So while there is no progress to show on Good Fortune, it's been a while since I posted about the current leader and ender project. 

On Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunter 2017 Mystery Quilt

I'm up to 18 blocks for On Ringo Lake, last year's mystery.  I need 32 blocks for an on point setting and 35 for a straight setting.  So I'm close to half way.  There is a growing stack of block parts over at the sewing machine, so there should be some more blocks going up on the wall soon.  Hopefully this one will be ready to assemble when I finish all the block parts for Good Fortune.  

Good Fortune is my sixth Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  Celtic Solstice from 2013 is the only other one that I've started, but not finished.  

Celtic Solstice the 2013 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

This was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I've since learned to keep up with the blocks as a leader and ender project through the next year.  I've finished all the other mysteries that way.  

The 2014 mystery was Grand Illusion.

 Grand Illusion, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2014)

This is probably my least favorite of the Bonnie Hunter quilts that I've made.  Next was Allietare in 2015, my favorite finished mystery quilt so far. 

Allietare, The 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Allietare was donated to the Quilts of Valor program, so I'm sure it found a good home.  

My next favorite BH mystery was En Provence from 2016. 

En Provence, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery (2016)

En Provence went to live with my niece and she loves it.  

My holiday vacation starts Thursday afternoon, so I'm looking forward to clue 5 of Good Fortune.  Hopefully we'll start assembling the blocks. 

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Nann said...

You've established a good plan for the mystery quilts. Grand Illusion was my least favorite, too. I stated that I was going to shoot for half the blocks this year (remembering the Grand Illusion disappointment). Clue #3, those green chevrons, was terribly tedious and I got to 54 out of 100. But lo and behold, clue #4, the orange strings, were such fun and so easy that after I finished them I went back and got caught up on all the clues!

Hope your holiday preparations are coming along well.

Libby in TN said...

Your BH mysteries always look so elegant because you don't do them scrappily.

Alison V. said...

I really love seeing your "gallery" of mystery quilts! I have seen a lot of people say that Grand Illusion is their least favorite, so you are not alone! I think your ORL is coming along beautifully!

Barbara said...

What a treat to revisit your finished mysteries. Your current leader and ender is very striking. You do a good job choosing fabrics for your mysteries...something I’ve never really been able to achieve.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Fun seeing all of your mystery quilts - they are amazing! Allietare in r, w, and b was perfect for a Quilt of Valor. Have a great week! Bet you can hardly wait for Thursday!

chrisknits said...

I can't decide if I am doing some strip piecing for the block or just cutting straight pieces. My color choice is brown and I only have 4 so the string piecing would be moot. I am leaning towards the strip piecing just to get variety. Love all your past mysteries! I wish I had done Ringo, but love Allietare!!

MissPat said...

While I enjoy Bonnie's earlier scrap quilts and have even taken a class from her, I'm not a devotee of her mysteries. I've finished Celtic Solstice (a smaller version given to a grandson) and the flimsy is done for En Provence. I've not started any of the others and often find her scrappy versions too busy. You've done great job of choosing your colors and limiting the number of fabrics you use. I really like your En Provence and wish I'd left the yellow out of mine. Enjoy your holiday break.

Marti said...

I'm not a fan of mystery quilts in general, but En Provence is one of the prettiest quilts I've ever seen, at least in your colors. I can't remember seeing it in other colors. You were so sweet to donate Allietare to Quilts of Valor. I know someone was thrilled to get it.

I like the way you do block repetitions as leaders and enders. That takes the monotony out of it. I made a lot of my original half square blocks that way too.

Good luck finding some sewing time this week. If I had family here, I probably wouldn't even try to get any time alone in the sewing room.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh gosh those are all so great!!!!

Kate Lynch said...

I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

Jennifer said...

You’ve sure made a bunch of the mystery quilts! I started and ended with Easy Street and it will be gifted this year at Christmas. Hope you’re getting through the last few things at work so you can enjoy your vacation!

Judy Hansen said...

Good job on the mystery quilts! I am watching from the sidelines this year. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, I like to read your blog and see what you are making. Judy

dq said...

I love your Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts story. Unfortunately for me, the only one I have done is grand illusion and I didn't like it until I changed it. I have not dared to try another.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fabulous collection of finished and unfinished mystery quilts... very inspiring!