Saturday, December 22, 2018

The 2019 Quilt Plan

The year is winding down, so it's just natural that we start to think of what's the plan for next year.  Well at least it's natural for me to do that, I'm a planner.  Plus American Patchwork & Quilting has kicked off their 2019 UFO Challenge.  

Deciding what's on the quilt plan is my first step in setting the quilty ambitions for the next year.  So here's my list UFO list for 2019

For the 2018 challenge, a new number was picked each month and that was the quilt I worked on.  My problem with this system is that it's very rare that I finish a quilt in a month.  In 2017, the finished quilt list included 7 quilts, some of which were started from scratch.  In 2018, the finished list has only 4 on it.  Looking back, in 2017 I stuck to my quilt plan, finishing the first quilt in the list before moving on to the second quilt on the list.  I'm going back to that strategy in 2019. 

In picking the quilts for the list, I started with the quilts closest to being finished, then from oldest to newest.  Here's the quilts for this year.

That takes care of the UFO part of the 2019 plan.  Now for the new project part of the plan.  I tend to do a pretty good job of finishing off my starts each year (well maybe not the Bonnie Hunter mysteries).  But what's the fun in not starting a bit of new stuff? 

1.  Rainbow Scrap Project:  Wild and Goosey blocks
2.  Meadow Mist Designs Mystery
3   Bonnie Hunter 2019 Mystery
4.  Quilter's Hideaway mystery series
      a.  Patriotic (May to July)
      b.  Autumn (Sept/Oct)
      c.  Christmas (November)

That's six new starts.  Hopefully I can finish 7 quilts so the quilt list will go down by at least one.  

Now that both those lists are drafted, it's time to decide on my other quilty ambitions for 2019.  How are you plans for 2019 coming along?

Edited 1/1/2019:  I'm also planning on participating in Quilting Gail's PHD in 2019. Not sure I can finish all my planned starts in 2019, but I'm hoping to make some significant headway on the UFOs.  


Quilter Kathy said...

I'm not much of a planner... more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person :)
But I will try to get my thoughts organized about quilting plans for the new year.
Looks like you love mystery quilting as much as I do!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You can do it!!! I am still finishing up 2018 so its fun to see what others are planning, but I am not there yet ;-)

MissPat said...

I just know this kind of monthly planning would never work for me. But then we go to Florida for two months (and this year adding a side trip to Texas which will add two more weeks), so that takes a chunk out of my year. I do want to inventory my UFO's and try to finish a couple of RSC projects so I feel better about starting new ones. And I already need two baby quilts by April which should be interesting since I won't get home from FL until late March. Like so many of my baby quilts, they'll probably be a little late.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Louise said...

I do like the idea of prioritizing the UFOs and finishing one before moving on to the next. Keeps the studio a bit tidier not to have so many things all going at once. Best of luck in 2019 meeting your goals, and have a wonderful holiday season!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck on attaining your goals for 2019!! I plan my UFO work one quarter at a time, right before the quarter begins for my (Ravelry) UFO Club. As far as NEW projects go, I hope to limit myself to just a few for the year. Although, it seems like there may be another family wedding quilt to be made. (Hopefully, on time this time!!) STILL haven't finished the one that was due in September. Oops!

Alison V. said...

I didn't do the RSC this year and I definitely missed it and so I will definitely be participating again in 2019. In January I need to start my example quilt for my quilt along, but that's the only new project on my list for now. I have five older QAL/bee quilts I want to try to finish in 2019 too. I might copy your idea to do Wild and Goosey for my RSC project.

Emily said...

I am still trying to find a balance between finishing old projects and starting new. I did a challenge this year that meant I had to finish anything started in 2018 and I did, which limited what I started. But now I'm itching to start new projects, and I still have a list of projects from before this year. I like watching work on long-term projects, I feel like I really get a sense for every step.

chrisknits said...

I should probably do this planning goal instead of the draw a number one, but I've already set up with that event, so I will forge on. I just wonder if I will feel like working on whatever project is drawn each month?

Jennifer said...

Great lists and I look forward to watching your progress - those are some fun quilts!