Sunday, June 24, 2018

Week 25 of Stitching and De-stashing

Happy weekend. Mine has been fairly low key, though I have some homework that needs to get done by Monday.  Still, I was able to to get in a bit more than my 15 minutes of stitching time during the afternoon yesterday. 

Actually, the whole week turned out to be a pretty good one for finding time to stitch.

15 minutes stitching days/week = 7/7 days
15 minutes stitching days/June = 23/23 days
15 minutes stitching days/2018 = 164/174
Success rate = 94.25%

How did your stitching week go? 

It was also a good week for the stash report as I actually did enough stitching to be able to count a bit out. 

Fabric used this week:  0.88 y
Fabric used in 2018: 24.46 y
Fabric added in 2018: 18.91 y
Net fabric out for 2018: 5.55 y

I'm still in the black as we approach the mid year mark.  It certainly seems like I've not used as much fabric this year as last.  Maybe that's because most of my projects this year are UFOs where the blocks were mainly done and all that's left is getting the blocks set together. That doesn't seem to use as much fabric. Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for the weekly stash report. 

I've also got a bit of slow stitching going on this week.  

En Provence is finally getting bound.  I'm hoping to get this one finished up before the end of the month. Getting in the sewing room for 15 minutes each day and using the One Monthly Goal to set my priorities has meant that I've made  progress on each project, but I'm not getting them all the way to finished. So I've been tweaking my work flow process to see if I can do better on that front.  Linking up with Kathy's Quilts for slow stitching Sunday this week. 

So how are you doing on making time to stitch each day? 

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The Cozy Quilter said...

I love the binding fabric on your quilt. I love doing the hand sewing on the binding of a quilt. I don’t have time to stitch everyday but I do manage to get some sewing done every week. I hope to do some cross stitching today.

Marti said...

You're doing great. I haven't even been upstairs this week. The quilting on your quilt is so pretty, I'm looking forward to the reveal.

Quilter Kathy said...

So exciting to have En Provence almost finished! Enjoy your slow stitching today!

Sandy said...

What a good idea...I've not come across the 15 minute a day thing before and really like the idea. Congrats on your success.
Sandy's Space

Barbara said...

The quilting looks beautiful, and I love the contrast of the binding. My stitching time has been suffering for the past few days, and I’m afraid it will continue to suffer well into next week.

Kate said...

Looks like I'm still not getting comments.

Shasta Matova said...

Love the quilting on that quilt. It is a challenge for me to keep working on one quilt all the way to the end, but it is worth it when it is finished.

Sandra Walker said...

Love that last shot of En Provence, cannot WAIT! I feel like it's a bit my baby too, since I 'made' the quilt with you in my head lol. And it is pretty rewarding seeing what just a minimum of 15 min/day can do: even if you don't HAVE a finish, all of the projects are that much closer to being finished and perhaps you'll have like four finishes within a few days ha!

chrisknits said...

My stitching this week has been for knitting projects. The sewing is making a comeback this week after 2 weeks off from the machine!!

Denise :) said...

Girl, look at your go with your bad self!! Way to get in there and get after it! Slow stitching a binding...the end is in sight!! Yippee!! :)

Deb A said...

Those 15 minutes sure do add up. Great job.

Sarah said...

Glad you managed to get some stitching done every day this week. It definitely all adds up!

Julie said...

If you're really counting fabric out of the studio, I'd count the whole quilt top you pulled from your WIP pile. Those blocks turned quilt top take up a lot of space, and part of the de-stashing is freeing space. I admire you, and am glad to read how you're working on using your stash. It's always tempting to run out to find a new fabric for backing or binding. One that is just perfect, or better than what you might have on hand. I went through that yesterday with binding, and had to fight to resist the urge. I truly think narrowing our options makes us more creative. Fabric designers may not like to hear we aren't running to buy more fabric all the time, but we have an investment in what we have already. Keep at the daily progress, and you'll have an amazing year by the end.

dq said...

There is some lovely quilting going on there and the binding is looking great as well.

Thanks for the weekly linkup. 15 minutes a day really gets me rolling and always turns into an hour or more.