Saturday, June 30, 2018

June One Monthly Goal - Progress but no Shooting Stars

It's the last day of June, the end of the first half of 2018.  Really?  I'm not sure where the first half of the year went. Even so, today's the last day to post on the June One Monthly Goal.  

My track record for the OMG hasn't been so good in 2018.  Unfortunately, that trend continues for June, so I will not be linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the end of the month linky party. But it's not all gloom and doom, I did make some good progress this month.  

The monthly projects for 2018 were selected back in December and documented in my Quilt Plan for the year.  June's project was my oldest UFO, the Red, White and Blue Stars.  Before setting the goal for the month, I pulled out the project box and did an evaluation.  I looked at the quilt layout drafted in EQ last year.  Then measured the fabric left in the project box.  Found that there was not enough of the background fabric to make that layout. In fact, the background fabric remaining was pretty limited.  So that meant a new quilt layout was needed.  This was the result of that effort. 

So now there is a workable quilt design that needs 12 blocks. Back to the project box, there were 7 blocks finished. 

So the June OMG was to make the five blocks needed for the new layout.  Easy, peasy right?  Well apparently not, there's just one finished block as of today. 

These star blocks are a bit fiddly, so getting the first one done took me longer than I expected.  There are 2 more blocks at the sewing machine in various stages of assembly.  But they won't join this one on the design wall today as we've got family plans, so there's no sewing time in the schedule for today other than maybe a little handwork while we are visiting.  

So another month with good progress, but not enough to actually reach my OMG.  Looking back over the last three months of unmet OMG there is a pattern. It's more late hours at work and more working from home in the evenings that are leaving less stitching time.  I moved into a position with more responsibility last June and the time commitment has reduced my evening stitching to pretty much just 15 minutes most nights.  My weekend time hasn't been severely impacted, but it's rare for me not to spend a couple hours on work most weekends. So I'm going to have to figure out how to structure my monthly ambitions to fit my new reality.  

Hope you met all your monthly goals.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What you have done is gorgeous, and I love the layout. It’s going to be a pretty quilt. Keep on sewing.

  2. W O R K....arg! Where would we be with our our sewing therapy....hang in there....

  3. Those stars are just beautiful, Kate! I can see where making one would take some time. It's frustrating to have work take over your sewing time, but glad you can fit in a little bit most days. It definitely is therapy!

  4. I know how - quit work - ha ha - just kidding!! I totally understand you!! But I love the block you did getmade!

  5. Well, the progress you did make is great. Hope that work will come to a better balance for you over time, and at least you are getting some sewing done each will still add up over time!

  6. These are so beautiful! When work is busy, I ease up on myself on my quilting and other goals and am gentler with myself. No point in making quilting stressful too! Sometimes I just give myself more realistic goals for making a complicated quilt, or I switch to easier and smaller projects so I can get quicker finishes. I admire that you are still making complicated quilts. Hopefully there will be time to quilt other times of the year or other years of my life!


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