Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 41

We woke to temps in the 50s this morning after high of almost 90 yesterday.  It may barely get out of the 60s by this afternoon.  I'm definitely looking forward to a little fall weather.  Maybe this will get the leaves moving on their color change, so far there has not been much of that going on.  

It's been a busy week, but I managed to find at least 15 minutes to stitch each day this week. That brings my total for the year to 259 out of 287 days so far for 2017.  That translates to there being a bit of stash going out for the week.  

Used last week:  1.13 yards
Used year to date:  49.77 yards.

So I'm close to getting at least 50 yards out for the year.  Not sure  my goal of 70 yards out for the year is realistic based on where things are now.  The year is not over yet, but it certainly is winding down quickly.    

I did reach a different stash milestone this week.  All the fabric on the second shelf of the fabric closet has now been pressed, folded and sorted.  

So all that's left is that mess on the very top shelf.  

Scrappy Coffee Cups (aka But First Coffee) in the process of being bound. 

The hand stitching didn't start till Friday night, but stitching down that first corner should happen today.  Maybe there will be a finish to show off next week.  

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  1. Not many fall colors here either. The fabric shelves are looking good.

  2. Wow girl, you are moving right along and you may make it closer to your 70 then 50. And the fabric shelf looks fantastic so far, just one more to go.
    I know I woke up to 50's too. I'm also waiting for color. Here in my area we are also lacking moisture for great color, so I'll see.

  3. I'm up in the NC mountains and not much color change here, either. Weird weather year.

  4. So exciting... my favourite part! Enjoy binding the coffee quilt!

  5. A finish is always nice--so will look for it next week!!!
    We are a bit cooler here now too--from low 90's allll summer and very high humidity--we now have mid 80's and much lower humidity--though some days it is still a bit humid here--but we are getting some nice breezes--and that helps!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  6. Your shelves are looking good! Have fun stitching the binding - always my favorite part!

  7. Wow, what a difference when the fabric is ironed and folded. Your stitching is looking good. 50 yards our is a good amount. You may not make 70, but maybe 55 or 60?

  8. Nothing like going thru and organizing your stash to energize a quilter. The cooler weather helps too! Enjoy your stitches today

  9. An organized stash always looks so nice. Enjoy your sewing time.

  10. Your organized fabric shelf looks wonderful! It will make it so much easier for you to find what you need.

  11. You're doing so well with tidying up!

  12. Wow, your binding stitches are soooo even! Loving your fabric stash.

  13. Your fabric shelves look great so organized and straight. Wish mine did.
    That always makes me want to start something new, now that I can see what I have.

  14. You are doing great about getting things organized.

  15. EEEk! Can't wait to see the coffee! I think I can already smell that aroma!


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