Sunday, October 8, 2017

Stash Stuff for Week 40 of 2017

It was a long week, but it was a productive one.  The last report for the year was filed on Friday.  Hopefully, there won't be too much home work from here on out.  Unfortunately, there was enough homework this week that stitching time was at a premium.  Though I did manage to find 15 minutes to stitch for 7 out of 7 days for the last week.  However, it'd hard to use a lot of fabric in that time frame, so this week's stash report looks a little anemic. 

Used last week:  0.20 yards
Used year to date:  48.64 yards

At least I was too busy to push any buttons on the computer this week, so no stash additions.  

There was one night that wasn't spent on homework.  One of My Guy's coworkers is moving on to a new job.  So they threw her a going away party.  I've never been to a going away party like this one.  We have a place in town that offers group painting lessons.  For her going away party, we would all be participating in a two hour painting lesson.  The connections between translating what my brain sees and what my hand draws have always been faulty.  So drawing, painting, free hand quilting just don't turn out well.  It's a good thing I really liked My Guy's coworker, I don't subject myself to that kind of torture for just anyone.   After two hours, I walked out with a painting. 

At least it looks like a pumpkin.  Here's My Guy's version.

We had a good time with several people from work.  A couple of them signed up for another session.  I'll stick to playing with fabric.  

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Anonymous said...

We have places here that do that too, some with wine included. I've never been, but would love to take drawing and painting lessons one day.


yep--me too--though I have always wanted to be a painter-the closest I ever got was to do 'tole' painting---enjoyed that--but there you have patterns--it was alot like coloring, only with paint instead of crayons!!
your pumpkin does look really good though--
here in Fl they have the classes like that--but they serve wine--!!!
enjoy the moments, di

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOL!! I think both paintings turned out well, but I'd stick with quilting, too. :o))

Barbara said...

You guys both did great with your pumpkins! Sounds like fun.

Jennifer said...

Both of your pumpkins look great! Glad to hear the final report is in - hope you have more stitching time this week!

Susan said...

Can you make stick-figure pumpkins? That's what mine would look like! I'm with you, create with fabric. Both yours and your husbands are great, really a nice introduction to painting. You have a good total for the year, even if you didn't get to do anything big this week. Better luck in the next few days.

Emily said...

I like your pumpkin, but I'm with you on preferring to play with fabric! I have trouble getting my hands to recreate anything I see with a pencil or brush.

Also, love the new header! I'm behind on bogs so it could be that it switched a while ago and I didn't notice it...