Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Stitching: A Little Handwork, A lot of Walking

Since we were on vacation all last week, there's not been a lot of time in the sewing room.  I did take some hand work along for the ride and made some good progress on that. 

I only work on this project when we are away from home, so I'm not sure when it will get finished.  At any rate it's nice to have something to stitch on in the evenings while we are winding down from vacation activities like 5 mile hikes.  

I did spend some time on my OMG for July.  The July UFO is my Scrappy Coffee Cups blocks made as part of the 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  These blocks haven't been made into a quilt because I was out of the white background fabric and couldn't figure out how to set them without additional fabric.  I did a bit of playing in EQ over the last few days.  I tried a scrappy border and just didn't like it.  After playing around with borders and such, here's the most likely possibility. 

  Scrappy Coffee Cups
Block patterns from Karen F. Srebro and Janet McCarroll
published in Block Magic and Block Magic Too by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

It's not that different then what I started with, but the sashing is narrower.  Plus I've added two borders of white tone on tone.  Hopefully there is another white tone on tone in the stash that reads the same as the background fabric for the blocks.  Since it won't be right up against the blocks, it shouldn't be as noticeable that it's not the exact same fabric.  The actual color of the sashing and borders will be determined by what is in the stash.  I really like the blue borders, but My Guy likes green.  This is going to be his recliner cuddle quilt.  I'm going to stick with tone on tone fabrics for the borders no matter what color they end up being. 

On a completely unrelated note.  Twenty five years ago on July 11th, we said our I do's.  Happy anniversary My Guy!  

Looking forward to the next 25!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! These days, 25 years is a MAJOR accomplishment. This year hubby and I will celebrate 35. I can barely remember a time without him! I like the thin sashings on your coffee cup quilt. It gives it a modern look that is so fresh. Looking forward to seeing what color you'll decide on.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your guy! That is a wonderful milestone! I love your coffee cup quilt, too. Did you find a pattern for the coffee cups somewhere?

  3. Happy anniversary! I like your new mock-up! If you can't find another white tone-on-tone you like, you could also use a white and green small scale print if you plan to use green borders. :)

  4. Happy anniversary and beautiful handwork!

  5. and those 23 years went in a blink of an eye--didn't it??
    Happy Anniversary to you both--
    enjoy the moments,di

  6. Happy Anniversary! We had our 32nd this year, which seems nuts!
    I like the new plan and thumbs up for more green, my favorite color 😁

  7. Happy anniversary! I like what you've done with your quilt, and I remember when you made those cups! It's like visiting with an old friend.

  8. Enjoy the next 25......... It just keeps getting better.

  9. Happy, happy anniversary! Your view was lovely.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love the coffee cup quilt. Good job in figuring it out and moving on....I get stuck on a quilt sometimes, and am always glad when I figure out what to do to move on.

  11. wonderful anniversary - congratulations. very fun coffee cups


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