Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Vacation Photo Essay

Disclosure:  No quilts or quilting topics are discussed in this post. I just wanted to share some of our vacation photos.  

  Seattle, WA
  Fidalgo Island, WA
  Vancouver, BC
  Deception Pass Park, WA

The view from the Seattle Space Needle (really!).

From the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition

From the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, B.C. (I have more than 100 photos from here, but I'll just share my favorite)

From the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, B.C. 

Traces of Words: Art and Calligraphy from Asia Exhibit, beautiful images projected on the walls

1980's Fighting Shield from Papua, New Guinea

Deception Pass Park

My favorite photo from the trip:

Two peas in a pod.  They had a great time with all the hiking. 

The last picture is My Guy's.  He's a very active nature photographer, with many of his photographs of the local wild life appearing in our company's calendar each year.  This is the one shot he was really hoping to get this trip.  

Nailed it didn't he?  

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to go sew for bit now so there will be something quilty to talk about on the blog tomorrow.   


  1. Gorgeous photos! One of my favorite parts of the US.

  2. Ohh--my--I like you love your favorite photo--what a awesome shot--
    and I love the Eagle one--it's like he is saying with his eye--don't you dare take my photo!!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. Lots of great pics! Looks like you all enjoyed the sights/sites.

  4. Ditto what Libby said! I love the Pacific Northwest, and really enjoyed your pictures! I especially loved the photo of DT and your guy taking photos together. I have one like that of my husband and two sons all taking a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge together, that I took, and it's really special to me!

  5. Fabulous photos. Looks like you saw some of the best of the Northwest.

  6. Amazing photos! Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  7. Oh my goodness... fabulous photos!

  8. Oh my goodness... fabulous photos!

  9. Amazing pictures. Love the eagle, but also the picture of the two photographers! Looks like you had a great vacay.

  10. Oh my gosh -what a beautiful trip - and you both nailed it!! Wonderful photos! You should frame your favorite and the eagle!!

  11. Great pictures- congrats to your husband on the bald eagle photo!


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