Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stitching and Shopping

Spring in Oklahoma is always a guessing game. It was so nice this last week, other then being really windy.  It was cold, rainy and just plain miserable yesterday.  After my initial wrestling match with the tax stuff during the morning, I retreated to the sewing room for most of the afternoon.  My goal this weekend is to get the binding sewn on Bejeweled.  

It was very soothing to just sit and stitch for a bit.  I've turned two corners, so just two sides left to do today.  I'm hoping to have a finish by the end of the weekend.  That would be nice.  Then  I can start on getting Geometry bound.  

On our way home from lunch I persuaded My Guy to let me stop at the new quilt shop in town.  Not that I really need anything, but if you don't support the local vendors, they don't stick around.  They were having a class, so the shop was pretty busy.  That was good to see.  I did walk out with some fabrics for an ongoing project.  I need some additional variety in my red and orange stash. 

I also added some blues.  As much as I like blue, there's not much variation in that part of the stash either.  I'm not doing real well with stash management this year.  I've already added more than I intended, but I've been using the new stuff along with the old.  Maybe I should look at this year as "rebuild" year.  I've done pretty well at keeping purchases to a minimum the last 3 years.  Here's the damage from this week:

Used this week:  1.14 yards
Used year to date:  20.65 yards
Added year to date:  76.3 yards
Net added:  55.65 yards

At least there has been a steady stream of fabric in the outgoing column.  It does help that I've stitched on something every day this year.  That's 84 days for the year so far. That's definitely a record.  I'm really close to my record fabric out number for the first quarter.  Back in 2013, I used 22.74 yards.  So if I can eek out 2 more yards out before the end of the month, I'll be on track for record fabric usage for the year.  That may be a bit of a stretch with just 5 days left in the quarter, but you never know.

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Julie in GA said...

Beautiful new fabrics! Good for you to support the local store.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hooray for binding those graduation quilts! You're getting there! I like your new fabrics, too. The ones on the left in your photo have such neat texture to them!

Shauna said...

those are very pretty fabrics. Maybe you can make a couple of pillow cases to get your yardage used number up to where you want it.

Barbara said...

Oklahoma spring sounds like Oregon spring. I wonder if its something about the letter "O". You picked some pretty fabrics there, and that's quite a string of sewing days! You're doing better than I am, and you have a job!

Quilter Kathy said...

So true about supporting our local shops.
Enjoy your binding today!

Robin said...

I agree with your comment about blues. It seems I use and replace my reds constantly but my blues just linger around for a long time.

Dar said...

I like your new fabrics. Good that you support your LQS. I hate to see so many of them close up because of all the online purchases.

Alison V. said...

I love that red flower print! I haven't been buying much over the last few years, but I am getting to the point where I need to buy some specific staples, like light blue and brown.

Maker Joy said...

Your new stash additions are wonderful, so bright and cheery.

Out of curiosity, how do you calculate your yardage out? The in would be pretty simple but so much of my yardage isn't completely used once I finish a quilt. Or do you count it once a piece of fabric has been completely used?