Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stash Report - Week 11 of 2017

Saturday was gorgeous, warm and sunny.  Unfortunately, both Drama Teen and I ended up down for the count yesterday afternoon. Both of us with sinus headaches.  Today won't be as fast paced as yesterday was.  Along with doing a bit more shopping, we hung out for the St. Patrick's parade yesterday.  It was a fun bit of silliness. 

The more shopping included a new to me quilt shop.  With that visit and the shopping expedition on Thursday, I've managed to rack up quite a total of incoming fabric this week.  

Used this week:  0.24 yards
Used year to date:  19.51 yards
Added year to date:  71.8 yards
Net added:  52.29 yards

Most of what's been added has been reds and oranges, colors I don't have much of in the stash I use for my Rainbow Scrap quilts.  I fixed that on Thursday.

It's a good mix of the various shades.  I didn't get a picture of the fabrics purchased yesterday.  That included some orange and red fat quarters, a very pretty green and a very pretty blue, plus 5 yards of flat black to replace the background fabric that's being used in the Cabins and Fans quilt.  The black was on sale, so it just seemed prudent to back fill so I'll have it for the next project. 

On the stitching front, DT and I have been pretty busy running around and such, so I've not spent much time at the sewing machine. But I've been working on some embroidery in the few minutes I've had here and there.  So I've managed to sew a bit each day this week, so I'm still 100% for the year on finding time to stitch each day.  

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Julie in GA said...

Yum! Such pretty fabrics you found. They will make great additions to your stash!

Melsquiltingblog said...

Spring Break always means a different schedule. The headaches were going around our house too. Took me out for a day and then the next afternoon. :( Lots of fun times, but not lots of usage.
Love your fabrics. I'm looking for chocolate browns.

Shauna said...

Ohh my those fabrics are so pretty!!!!!


Pretty fabrics for the stash--glad you and DT are having a good time shopping and such--mother/daughter time is soo good--
and congrats on the 100% daily challenge--
enjoy the moments, diane

AnnieO said...

Very pretty enhancements to stash. It's always fun to spend time out and about with the younger crowd--though I do find my daughters walk way faster than I do!

maggie fellow said...

oh so pretty

Dar said...

Some nice bright colors to add to your stash. Hope your sinus problems are behind you.