Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stash Report - Week 5

Most of Saturday was spent in the recliner, asleep.  This head cold really knocked me for a loop.  I did get some stitching time in, but not as much as I normally would.  Still I finished off the back for the McCall's Mystery Quilt on Friday and was able to add that fabric to the out column this week.

Used last week:  7.05 yards
Used in January:  9.15 yards
Used year to date: 9.15 yards
Purchased year to date: 0 yards
Net used for 2016:  9.15 yards

This year has definitely gotten off to a good start.  Still no fabric in. That will probably change once I get going on some of the graduation quilts, but hopefully by the time I have to add a bit, I will have used a good bit more.  

In terms of finding time to stitch each day, this last week was a challenge.  But I still managed to get in at least 15 minutes in the sewing room each day. 

This week:  7 out of 7 days
This month: 30 out of 30 days
This year:  30 out of 30 days

This is the best I've ever done in terms of finding time to stitch each day.  The One Monthly Goal challenge has been a big help in getting me up to the sewing room.  I finished January's goal, but now I need to decide on February's goal.  I'm torn between finishing up Allietare.

Allietare,  Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery Quilt

Or finishing up the Midnight Mystery Quilt.

Midnight Mystery Quilt, From Meadow Mist Designs

I'm closer to being done with the Midnight Mystery Quilt, but it got put away so I could work on a few other projects.  I've got momentum going on Allietare, as everything is lined up to sew assembly style.  Both projects need to be up on the big design wall, so to work on one means taking the other down.  I have a couple of days before I have to pick which project is February's goal.  What would you choose?  

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Denise :) said...

Oh my gosh -- I love the Allietare! The red and the blue together are marvelous!! :)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Good job on the fabric usage - my omg was the allietare.... that will now be my February goal as well.... sigh - LOVE yours!!! REALLY LOVE it!!!! ( see I was shouting so you knew how much i LOVE it! tee hee hee)

Charlene S said...

I'm voting for Allietare too.

Cheryl said...

I would choose the mystery quilt, but I may be a little biased :)

Libby in TN said...

Allietare is staged, so go for it! (Selfishly I want to see it finished!)

Katie Z. said...

You're doing well this year! I've had to buy a bit, but I'm almost back at zero, so I figure it's all good