Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WIPS - Moving Towards a Finish

It was a productive weekend.  Grand Illusion is a finished flimsy as of last Friday.  The back is all pieced, pressed and ready for shipping.  I've spent the last two evenings prepping the flimsy for quilting.  Long ago and far away back when we lived in Texas, I had a quilting instructor that was very meticulous when prepping a quilt to send out for quilting.  I've spent the last two nights cleaning cleaning loose threads off the back and trying to be sure that the dark threads can't show through the lighter fabrics. Do you clean up the backs of your quilts before quilting?  

Grand Illusion, A Bonnie Hunter Mystery
I finished all the thread snipping tonight, so tomorrow night I can start cleaning off any loose threads from the front and then give this quit it's final pressing before it goes out for quilting. 

Since I've been so focused on finishing a quilt, there has not been a lot of progress on the Twinkle Star blocks.  I did finish one more red block while I was piecing the back for Grand Illusion.

Twinkle Stars, Tutorial by Andrea Feldbush of Soscrappy

I really like the first two red stars.  I think these are going to look great mixed in with all the other colors we've already done as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  

I'm looking forward to getting Grand Illusion off to the quilter's because then I can pick another UFO or WIP to focus on.  It will be nice to move on to something different.  

You can check out WIPs on Wednesday, WIP Wednesday or Needle and Thread Thursday to see what everyone one is working on as we head into the downhill slide to the weekend.  


  1. I am very particular with finishing off flimsies - whether if I am quilting or it is going to the long armer. Just makes for a nicer finish and so much easier to quilt.

  2. Those stars are so sparkling with that beautiful colors!!!!!

  3. They are great looking blocks. Well done with your Grand Illusion finish

  4. Dear Kate

    I agree with you. Tidy up the quilt, make sure it is in the best position, when it goes on the frame. It makes everyones job so much more fun. The quilt you get back will be just the way you wanted it to be.
    Looking forward to see your quilt, all quilted.

  5. I'm not meticulous to an extreme, but especially when using black fabric! I just had to use a very fine needle multiple times to pull loose black threads while quilting. I think when I had to shift layers during the sandwich stage a few extra threads peeled away. Frustrating! Congrats on getting to choose another UFO from the closet:)

  6. I try to keep threads snipped as much as possible while I am sewing.....especially the longer seams together. Twinkle stars never cease to capture my attention with each color you make of them!

  7. Hello Kate, I love the twinkle star blocks, very pretty. Enjoy your day!

  8. I am so happy for you that GI is finished! I try not to have strings floating around during the construction of the quilt. I do give the quilt a once over before loading the quilt to make sure that there are not any strings on the back of the quilt, but by no means am I as meticulous as you. The Twinkle Stars are pretty as they can be.

  9. I love the blocks and the colors you used in them.

  10. Wowzers! The back of your quilt is just perfect little seams all in a row.
    Sorry about DT and the strep. I've heard several people around here mention they've had it too. I always find that strange in the summertime. Hope she is feel much better after a couple rounds of antibiotics.


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