Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stash Report - Week 34 of 2015

It's been a good weekend.  My Guy and I took Friday off.  I spent most of that day in the sewing room, though I also did a number of loads of laundry. Mainly stuff that doesn't wrinkle badly if I don't get it out when the buzzer goes off. Doing the laundry made me feel less guilty about spending my day stitching when there were so many household chores that I could have tackled.  

Having that whole day to sew did really nice things to the stash report.  It helps that I was working on a back for one of my older projects.  

Used last week: 2.61 yards
Used in August: 9.59 yards
Used year to date: 27.88 yards
Purchased year to date: 10.25 yards
Net used for 2015: 17.63 yards 

Even better, another week with nothing in.  I've been very diligent about deleting all those quilt shop emails.  My Guy keeps asking if I want to stop by the quilt shop when we go to Tulsa and I keep saying that I have no reason to go.  That has also helped keep me out of trouble this year. 

It also helps that my focus this year is on clearing out UFOs.  I got serious about reducing my UFOs back in  2009.  I was actually really successful on that front, reaching a low of 4 UFOs in 2012

In the three years since then, I've climbed up to a high of 19 UFOs. Finishing off Flame Test back in May dropped the number of UFOs to 18. Grand Illusion should be finished in a week or two.  That will keep the number at 18 (it was started less than a year ago, so it still counts as a WIP not a UFO).  I should see that number go down by one when the Layer Cake Quilt Along project is finished.  That UFO will go out for quilting next week. So it's time to pick another UFO from my 2015 Quilt Plan and see what I can do about dropping another one off the UFO list before the end of the year.   

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Libby in TN said...

Finishing UFOs definitely helps destash, especially when you make a back to go with it.

Julie in GA said...

Your numbers just keep getting better! I admire your restraint on buying fabric.

Julianne said...

Good for you, I am scared to death to count my UFOS

Laura said...

I admire your restraint too! Good for you for finishing all those UFOS!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Congrats on your usage this week and this year, and on your UFO busting!

Jennifer said...

I really like your graph of UFOs...I might have to adopt that for keeping myself honest. I made a concerted effort a few years ago, but I have slacked off and have lots of tops waiting for quilting these days. Good luck getting another one marked off the list!