Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stitching in 15 Minute Increments

In an effort to get myself back into my sewing room and use up some more fabric, I challenged myself to find at least 15 minutes to stitch everyday between October 1st and the end of the year.  

Next week on the 16th I'll fess up to my success or lack thereof.  It always seems like it's more of a motivator if I have to report on my progress.  There will be a linky party for anyone who is also motivated by having to own up to their progress or lack of.  

So what can you do in just 15 minutes?

  • cut block pieces
  • press a set of seams
  • trim a stack of HSTs
  • cut up your scraps
  • measure a top for the next border
  • pin pieces for stitching

That's what I did last night, I cut one of the borders for Scrappy Stars and pinned it to the quilt top.  It's sitting up in the sewing room waiting for me to wander up and sew up that long seam during my 15 minutes of stitching this evening.  Hopefully my 15 minutes will morph into an hour or so. 

My biggest problem in the evenings is thinking I'm too tired to sew. I will usually wake up once I make it to the sewing room, but convincing myself to shut off the computer and vacate my comfy recliner is often difficult.  Challenging myself to 15 minutes every night starting at 8 PM is often the best way to get me moving into the sewing room. 

What is your biggest challenge to making it into your sewing room on a regular basis?  


Marti said...

Sounds like you miss your 15 minutes linky parties. If you start them again, I'm in.

AnnieO said...

Sometimes motion, any motion, makes you feel like moving more! When I feel sluggish at night, I'll do some small household chores and then my reward is going

AnnieO said...

Oops, hit publish too soon :)
My reward is going to the sewing room, I was going to say! Good for you taking those 15 minutes

Barbara said...

It's a good plan.

Lin's Quilts said...

I think success begats success. If I'm moving along with a project, I feel like working on it again the next day. If I'm having problems with a project, I procrastinate.
The same thing is true for me with weight loss. When I'm seeing success, I will follow my food plan again the next day. Just have to get the ball rolling.

Shay said...

I try to get the sewing in before I go to work - because like you - I am always too tired at the end of the day !

Lynne said...

Time -- in the sense that the longer it has been, the harder it is! Just knowing where I'm up to is half the battle hence my most recent post!

PS I've read the whole blog, February to October, so I'm caught up with the ins and outs of your "life in pieces". Hope DT's knee is mending well.

Anonymous said...

I do small jobs like you, yesterday I only had time to iron the pieces from a block-of-the-month. Today I will get them cut and marked, maybe sewn too with a little more time today. I am sure I am a no-reply as I use Wordpress, and Blogger doesn't like us. I have a contact me page on my blog as I hesitate to put my email out where the world of spammers can find it. Carole @ From My Carolina Home.