Friday, October 31, 2014

NewFO Challenge - Spooky Version

The scariest thing going on here is the prospect of 5 teenage girls watching horror movies into the wee hours.  Drama Teen and her friends are having a sleep over here tonight.  I'm sure it will be a chillin' time, though resting in peace is probably not a likely outcome.  

Another scream worthy happening is that I have a NewFO to report on, the first since last March.   The focus this year has been on getting UFOs off the list since it has grown to include twenty one projects.  But I couldn't resist this one.  Amanda over at Sea Breeze Quilts is teaching a class of new quilters and is sharing the sampler pattern, Chocolate Marshmallows, she's using for the class.  Her suggested colors were brown and pink.  The blocks are available for free download for 30 days after they are posted, after that they are available for purchase them from Amanda's Etsy store.  

I've always wanted to make a brown and pink quilt.  Plus the end of this year is all about using up the stash.  There are a few well aged pinks and browns in the stash, so it just seemed to make sense to make this sampler.  Four blocks have been posted so far, but I've only finished the first two.  

Blocks 3 and 4 are cut out and are in various states of assembly.  I'm off work today, so hopefully there will be some time in the sewing room this afternoon so I can finish those off.  

Have a very happy Halloween. I'm linking up with the cat-alyzing hostess of the NewFO challenge, Cat Patches.  Check out the terrifying beauty of all the new projects posted there.  


Barbara said...

What a cute post. I like your brown and pink. You're off to a good start.

Lynne said...

Hope the sleepover went well and you all survived. Sleep well tonight (1 November)

scraphappy said...

Hope the girls are enjoying their Halloween fun. Beautiful blocks. What a nice color combination for a quilt.

Shay said...

Hooe nothing too spook-tacular occurred during sleepover. That amount of teen girls in one place sounds scary enough.

Love your colour and fabric choices for Amanda's sampler blocks !

Dasha said...

You are well on the way with that quilt. Thanks for the link to the sampler - I have missed the first 2 blocks, but have enough experience to pick up how to make them from the photos. Looking forward to seeing your progress.