Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Playing with Browns

It's a good thing I have a calendar on my phone.  I've been off work since Thursday so my date sense has been thrown off a bit.  The calendar says it's Saturday, my head thinks it's Monday since I've had the last two days off.  It's fall break in this part of the country, so I took off a couple of days to hang out with Drama Teen.  She and I headed out yesterday for a short visit with my family.  We'll do a little shopping today and then attend a college volleyball game late this afternoon.  After that we'll head home to see My Guy who couldn't come because he had to head out of town last week. 

I did get some stitching in on Thursday, but most of my time in the sewing room was working out how to make a scrappy back for Scrappy Stars.  So there wasn't a lot of stitching, but there was enough to finish the first brown block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler.

 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler
By Angela Feldbush of Soscrappy

And the brown Scrappy Butterfly block was finished a bit earlier in the week.  

 Scrappy Butterflies
Block is available in EQ 7 Block Library

The next two brown sampler blocks have been cut out and are partially constructed, so I'm farther along than it seems.  Though progress on the brown Inverted Star has been a bit slow.  

That's it for scrappy progress this week.  I need to go shower so DT and I can breakfast at the Krispy Kreme place before it becomes a mad house.  It may be tomorrow before I can check out all the other scrappy progress posted over at Soscrappy.  


  1. Nice to have time off and get some visiting and stitching done. Great fabrics in the Prairie Queen and butterfly block.

  2. What a fun butterfly block. It looks great in browns.

  3. Ooh, I love the fabrics in your butterfly block.

    I hope you and DT had a great time visiting, and that she is recovering well!

  4. I really like your butterfly!! Yay for Fall break - hope you enjoyed yours!

  5. Looks like you have made a great start on brown. Enjoy the last bit of fall break before heading back to normal routine

  6. Magic Words- Krispy Kreme....Save me a seat!

    Love your blocks – especially the rainbow sampler – it has such a vintage vibe.

  7. drama teen, heehee

    the butterfly is an awesome use of brown to look sweet. Good job! I'm having trouble with it, and just might have to be done!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. Lucky you to have a couple of extra days off. Hope you get to enjoy some stitching time this weekend. Your brown butterfly looks beautiful.

  9. Love the butterfly in brown! I think it took longer to prep the blocks than sew them together this week!

  10. I've been watching your butterflies throughout the year...they are always gorgeous!

  11. Love that sampler block! I'll bet it makes a great secondary pattern if used all over a quilt!


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