Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stash Report - Week 29 of 2014

It was  gloriously cool in northern Oklahoma this last week.  It's rare that I come home from work in July and put on sweats, normally I'm looking for the coolest pair of shorts I can find.  It rained all day Thursday with the highs barely making it into the 70s.  

Everything is lush and green, when it's usually starting to turn brown about now.  

The Black-eyed Susans are still going strong.  It's supposed to warm up to just shy of 100 F by mid week, but then is should cool down to the low 90s.  It doesn't get much better in Oklahoma this time of year. 

My stash report's not quite as favorable as the weather.  I took advantage of the Fat Quarter Shop's 25% off all Moda fabrics to stock up larger cuts of the Moda Marbles and some of the white Moda Muslin. 

It seems you can never have too much white or black for backgrounds.  I also added in some yellow, red and teal since those are colors I don't have much of.  

Needless to say, my stash report looks pretty lopsided.  I finished up the blocks for the Jigsaw quilt, so there is a bit going out.

Used last week:  0.35 yards
Added last week:  25 yards

Used in 2014:  9.96 yards
Added in 2014:  291.3 yards

Net stashed in 2014:  281.34 yards

This next week should look better as I hope to get the borders on the Jigsaw quilt and piece a back.  It would be nice to see a bit more going out.  However, I've been looking at recent additions of tone on tone fabrics as my "retirement" fabric account. It's hard to resist a good sale, especially with the cost of fabric today.  

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DeeDee said...

Before I quit work I use to tell my husband that the fabric I was buying was my "retirement stash". With the cost of fabric today, I am really glad I bought when prices were lower and on sale.

DT's jigsaw quilt is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it with the borders on. Thanks for sharing.

AnnieO said...

We are getting a lot of humid days here, which I don't enjoy. Also supposed to get up to near 90 later in the week. Yuck.
Love your rain photo!
Good job on enhancing the retirement stash :)

Janet said...

We have had quite the cool rainy summer in my neck of the woods too. Makes for more time spent inside sewing. :)

Donna said...

You can never have too many Moda fabrics. They're one of my favorites. Right there with you.

Shay said...

Your stats remind me of mine a few years ago - I think that year I managed to buy close to 400 yards of fabric ...Ive been so restrained this year !

Dar said...

What you got for your stash was absolutely necessary!! Your weather sounds like ours. We got down to the 50's one night. I too was wearing long pants and socks in the house!
Your fabric usage will pick up soon, I'm sure.

Denise :) said...

Pretty additions!! At least when you're buying your fabric you're getting what *you* want! We've had the same cool temps this summer. While it's odd, it's certainly welcome! Though I'm afraid our kids will go back to school in exactly two weeks and feel like they've had no summer (and probably we'll finally get summer when school starts)! :)