Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stash Report Week 27

It's been three weeks since I've posted a stash report.  Not sure where that time has gone, but it certainly went by fast.  So here's the updated report covering the last three weeks.  

Used last 3 weeks:  0.38 yards
Added last 3 weeks:  3.25 yards

Used in 2014:  9.61 yards
Added in 2014:  257.3 yards

Net Stashed in 2014:  247.69 yard

So a bit out, but more in.  We were traveling over the last week and I had the chance to visit a quilt shop at one of our stops.  One yard each of this gray and red fabrics ended up getting stashed into one of my bags.   

It's probably a good thing there was no room in the luggage, or I would have bought more of each.  The original plan was to stick with just fat quarters, of which 5 made it into the shopping bag.

These will be for the Rainbow Scrap Sampler blocks when we finally get to orange.  I was hoping to find some reds, as the scrap stash is a bit weak in that color, but no such luck.  

That's it for me this week.  Check out Judy's Patchwork Times for more fun stash reports.  


Kathie said...

Orange isn't my color so my stash doesn't have much of that in it. These are all great and will make a nice addition to your stash. I always love to pick up a few tings when travelling.

Kate said...

Ha! I have the orange on the right, which I bought last year to beef up my orange for the RSC. It'll probably make this year's too, since I still lack orange.

Shay said...

Lovely orange fabrics Kate. Thats one colour I dont have a lot of in my stash.

Scooquilt said...

Beautiful fabrics! Time to use some, though! Have a great (and productive) week.

Bonnie said...

Yummy fabrics. I buy smaller pieces of orange but I tend to use it too. I keep running through my reds -- and I buy that in 3 yd hunks. Yikes!