Tuesday, December 11, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - December 11th

This week got off to a much smoother start than last week.  At least it did on the home front.  Work, well that's another story.  I only have 5 more work days this year.  Unfortunately, I have more than 5 days worth of things that have to get done this year.  That means I'll have to put some time in this weekend to get the most important stuff off my plate.  I'd rather do it now, get it done, so I can enjoy the rest of the holiday. 

The high activity level last week definitely impacted my ability to find even just 15 minutes to sew. 

I managed to sew on only 2 days last week and one of those was last night.  Holiday shopping, preparation for Christmas parties at work, Drama Teen's science fair project and the volleyball tournament this weekend took higher priority then sewing.  This week should be a lot slower, even if I have to bring some work home in the evenings. 

Have you been able to find a few minutes to stitch a bit in the middle of all the holiday madness?  I'm not making any Christmas gifts this year, thankfully.  How are yours coming along? 

1. Lesley
2. Kate
3. Amanda
4. Thea

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lesleyworth said...

I'm down to 1 week before I say goodbye at work for the rest of the year, and I'm with you...there is a lot more work to be done than time I had planned for it. Thankfully I'm not taking anything home, so I've been able to make progress on my Christmas gifts. Hope you have a quieter week!

Kate said...

Even though there's a lot to do, it's nice to see the end in sight for the end of work! How much more Evening tar do you have?

Shay said...

I'll count down to your time off with you. I have a month before Im taking holidays (insert crying face here )

I get the feeling that every one is struggling with getting any sewing done at the moment. I know Im not really managing any great efforts in that department!

seabreezequilts said...

Luckily work is pretty slow at the moment but the roof reno has kind of sucked the life out of my sewing at the moment. It took nearly all day on Saturday to clean all the terracotta dust from around the house. Luckily hubby did most of it. I'm off to Melbourne on Friday for xmas lunch for work and I will have a days shopping on Saturday in the city before I fly back home. My xmas shopping is almost all done.

Lynne said...

It's frustrating when there's more work to be done than time to do it in but hang in there -- it'll all soon be in the past.

thea said...

I keep saying the same thing .. too little time, too many things to do. At least you got two days in, right! Good luck with this week.