Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Last Foto Finish - Food

Today is the last Foto Finish Post.  Cat Patches has decided to end the weekly linky party so she can move on to other things.  My first Foto Finish post was published on 12/4/2010, almost exactly 2 years ago.  I had not planned to post today due to a very hectic family schedule this weekend, but if this is the last Foto Finish post, I most certainly want to help Barbara make it a memorable one. 

Today's original theme is food.  I always mean to take pictures when we eat, but apparently my stomach overrides my brain most of the time and the camera never makes it out of my purse.  One exception was when we were on vacation this summer.  We were vacationing at one of the state parks and had driven into the closest small town looking for something other than a sandwich.  We were really surprised to find this little sushi restaurant along the main drag. 

That we were able to find a place in southern Oklahoma which sold sushi really speaks to how popular it has become in the US.  I'm not a big fish person and I definitely don't do raw fish, but smoked salmon with cream cheese is one of my favorite exotic dishes.  Exotic means different things to different people.  Growing up in the Midwest with parents who had both grown up on farms, tacos were exotic in our house when I was a kid.  Even Drama Teen will eat sushi.  At her age I wouldn't have even known what it was. 

So that's my last Foto Finish.  Thanks to Barbara of Cat Patches for being such a gracious hostess the last 2 years.


Lynne said...

I love sushi too - especially prawn (shrimp) and avocado. I'm sure you are going to miss the Foto Finish weekly posts - nothing to stop you from continuing, you could always get DT to pick a theme or ask someone at work to say a word at random or go with whatever takes your fancy!

Barbara said...

Thanks for that nice farewell post, Kate. I love sushi, but it's pretty common in Oregon.

thea said...

not a big sushi fan. but I like your photo and the story to. I've enjoyed your weekly photos and will miss seeing them.

quiltzyx said...

I haven't seen that particular sushi before - it does sound good! I'm not much on the raw fish sushi either, but there are several that I do enjoy (California Roll for one).

Thanks for sharing with us.

Shay said...

I love Sushi and sashimi too. Im a bit sad this is the last photo post . I really do enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Really beautiful blog header Kate. Very festive.

AnnieO said...

I rarely remember to take photos of the food either :) Nice shot of that sushi! It would certainly have been exotic to me as a kid too--if I had ever heard of it then, lol!