Saturday, October 6, 2012

Foto Finish - Cold

My last Foto Finish post was on September 1st.  That seems like an eon ago.  Cat Patches is back from her wanderings, so Foto Finish is back this week.  The theme for this week is "Cold".  She picked this theme before she left on vacation, but it's a timely pick for this morning, it's 41 F now.  The projected high is in the fifties.  That's a marked cool down for us.  My Guy realized this morning that he needs to get the furnaces checked before we start them up for the winter. 

This image seemed to best reflect the chosen theme of "Cold".   

These icicles are hanging off the barn at my in-law's farm.  Note these aren't melting.  This was just after Christmas 2010.  It wasn't the coldest December on record, but it was definitely colder than normal in Missouri that year.  I'm not usually one to walk in the cold, but it had snowed just a dusting not long before and it was really beautiful out in the early morning light. 

It's been a busy week and it will be busy this evening as Drama Teen's school has Fun Night tonight.  My Guy and I are "fill ins", taking shifts at the various activities that aren't already covered.  I expect to be working from 7 till 10, then helping with the take down.  So I'm taking this morning off to get caught up on blogs and do a bit of sewing.  Plus I'll be checking to see what other shivery pictures show up on Foto Finish over at Cat Patches.    


Larri said...

Brrr! Kinda makes me cold just looking at this photo. It's a little nippy here today. 59 deg right now, but it will warm up to 80 deg. Happy Saturday!

PS...Hope Fun Night truly was fun. :)

Barbara said...

Burrrrrrrr. I do love the way things look on a frosty morning.

thea said...

Nice shot .. still warm here but not the triple digits of last week.

Lynne said...

Another lovely photo that fits the them so well.