Saturday, October 20, 2012

Foto Finish - Orange

I almost forgot it was Saturday!  How does that happen?  Take Thursday and Friday off work.  By the time you get to Saturday, you are not sure what day of the week it is.  Drama Teen is on fall break this week and out of school.  Rather than our typical family trip, we decided that this year we needed to have a girls weekend.  So DT and I hooked up with my Mom and sister for a testosterone free weekend in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We shopped the fun shops in the historic district yesterday.  Today a bit of sight seeing and some antiquing are on the agenda once everyone wakes up from their beauty sleep. 

What prompted my remembrance that it was indeed Saturday was Cat Patches Foto Finish post that popped up on Google Reader as the first entry.  I'd been working hard this week to look for orange, so I could use a new foto and not one from the archives.  I ended up with two to pick from. This one won out.

I have no idea what kind of flower this is.  A mum of some type was my assumption.  Rather than true orange, this is more of a red-orange, but as Barbara always leaves her themes up to the photographer's interpretation, I decided this fit.  This one and a few relatives came home as a potted plant from Whole Foods and are currently residing on the dinning room table as a center piece.  That's probably going to be the extent of my fall decorating. 

Check out Cat Patches for more "orange" to brighten your day. 


Barbara said...

Gorgeous shot. It could be a mum. Or it might be a dahlia too.

AnnieO said...

A girl's weekend sounds blissful--hope you are making the most of it! I love orange flowers and this photo makes me want to buy a whole vaseful.

Lynne said...

Another great photo. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful!! It certainly does fit.

Jocelyn @

quiltzyx said...

Beautiful! Flower close-ups are some of my favorites.

And I'm a bit jealous that you have room on your dining table for a centerpiece. Mine is full of, um, stuff.

Shay said...

Glorious colour.

It could be a gerbera.

Marg said...

Love the colour. Oh my, what has happened to Shay, she even knows plant names now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!