Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stash Report - October 7th

We all slept in this morning, even My Guy who rarely stays in bed past 4:30 AM.  Last night was fun night at Drama Teen's school.  My Guy and I worked concessions for 3 hours, then helped with the take down of the haunted house.  That's where Drama Teen spent her evening acting as tour guide dressed as a Victorian ghost, a bride who had been poisoned by her mother-in-law on her wedding day (I have no idea why the back story was necessary, but she assured me that a complete alias  was needed for this gig).  We all made it to bed about midnight, which is well pass the point I turn into a pumpkin.

Even without last night, this has been a busy week.  I had business dinners two nights this week. Plus one night spent baking and decorating cup cakes for the Fun Night cake walk, didn't leave much sewing time this week.  I did get in some stitching yesterday, so there is some outgoing stash. 

Used last week: 0.92 yards
Added last week:  0 yards

Used for 2012:  33.57 yards
Added for 2012:  294.38

Net stashed for 2012:  260.81 yards

The nothing in for the week really helps.  Even so, I've pretty much given up on my fabric fast and decided to just adopt a "what happens, happens" approach.   I'll focus on making sure stuff goes out, not on limiting what comes in.  That's lots more fun at any rate.

I'm off to get a second cup of coffee and settle in for some blog reading, including checking out all the other stash reports posted at Patchwork Times


Kate said...

Not limiting so so much more fun! ;) Congrats on getting a bit out, though. And I want to hear more of DT's back story. Why did her MIL hate her? :D

Denise in PA said...

Yes, that's a much more fun approach! I like it! My hubby slept in today too - until 6:30am - VERY late for him o:) I liked the backstory of Drama Teen's character! Makes it so much more real - LOLOL!

Angie in SoCal said...

Your week sounds like mine will next week - why is life so busy? I may join you in your new approach to fabric - I've gone three years now with not buying much - just pieces to finish projects - that I'm tired of it. As long as we keep getting some out, it should work out.

Shay said...

Ive been quite restrained really lately with buying fabric (if you discount the 30 + yards I bought in Hawaii!)

I've learned it doesn't take much to completely stuff up my sewing plans for the week. We had Little P here for two days and I got nothing done! Im still avoiding Flurry as well. Silly really since I only have to sew the binding on.

Barbara said...

I think your approach to fabric is a good way to go. As always, I like the way you think.

Lynne said...

Seems like everyone had a good night despite the late bed time. I think your new approach to your stash is a sensible one!