Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Design Wall - October 1st

It's October. Why does typing that put just a bit of apprehension into my brain?  Is it because the year is almost over?  Or because the holidays are just a few weeks away?  Or is it the deadlines hanging over my head at work?  Hmmm. 

Moving on to more fun stuff, like what's up on the design wall.  I had a really productive week, having Friday off really helped.  The center row of the "B" block for the Sofa Quilt is done. 

Pattern is Nicole's Sofa Quilt by Judy Laquidara
(available here)

Next step is to cut and assemble the corner pieces needed for block B. 

Progress was also made on block 4 of the Grandmother's Choice BOW.   I'm not sure that one is going to turn out, but I'm not giving up yet.  Block 5 was a bit easier and it's done. 

Grandmother's Choice
Barbara Brackman BOW

There is a new project up on the design wall this week, Evening Star. 

Pattern is "Evening Star" from Calico Carriage
Designed by Debbie Maddy

That's probably about a quarter of the half square triangles needed for this project.  The HSTs make up fast, so I'm hoping to see some significant progress on this quilt over the week.  I'm really loving the various shades of purple with the white. 

Check out Judy's Patchwork Times to see what else is showing up on design walls. 


AnnieO said...

It is nice to just sit and sew sometimes, production work can be satisfying and moves the project along so fast! Your newest Grandmother's block looks very pretty.

Julianne said...

wonderful colors in your "production work" love that you have bits and pieces on the design wall. Sometimes mine is more of an inspiration board cuz nothing matches.

Denise :) said...

Having an extra day off does make it nice, doesn't it? Your GC block (I almost typed CW) looks fabulous, as usual! I've not attempted 4 or 5 yet. I need to get on the stick! :)

Dar said...

Your evening star colors are looking wonderful. Those are perfect choices for the title of the quilt too.
Do you have a favorite way for making your HST? Just curious when there are so many to make.

thea said...

Design wall is looking good. lots of quiltiness going on there. I love the hsts. the colors are beautiful.

Lynne said...

Oooooooo! I love it all!