Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge - August Update

Is it really the last day of August?  That just doesn't seem possible.  There was a lot going on this month, I switched positions at work, we took vacation, and Drama Teen started school.  Consequently it feels like not much got done in the sewing room this month.  I'm still working on The Sofa Quilt.  The flying geese for the "B" block are eating my lunch.  However, the Purple and Yellow Quilt (renamed to And Kiss Me Jack) did get finished this month.

Pattern by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolf
From the Book "Successful Scrap Quilts"

This one was a quilt on my 2012 UFO list, though not the one I was supposed to be working on this month.  But hey, it's now off the list, which leaves just 3 UFOs. 

Project #7 on my list was the Layer Cake Quilt Along project from 2010.  I didn't pull it out to work on till last weekend.  Even so, I did make some progress.  The plan was to sash the blocks with black as that looked OK in EQ. 

But what looks good in EQ doesn't always work when you put the actual fabrics next to each other.  The border fabric looks like it has a black background, but it's really a very dark brown.  So the black fabric didn't look really great with it, even though it did work with many of the blocks.  So I went looking for something else and finally realized that teal would work with the border fabric. 

Going with teal meant changing some of the framing strips on the blocks, but that could be managed.  So after 2 nights spent on making a decision on the sashing fabric, I did finally start cutting and sewing the framing strips on the blocks.  I managed to get 3 of the 12 blocks framed. 

Blocks from Moose on the Porch's

The strips are cut to frame 3 more of the blocks.  Not a lot of progress this month, but it should go much faster now that all the fabric choices have been finalized and I actually have a plan.  Not great progress, but at least there was progress. 

Check out Patchwork Times to see more disappearing UFOs. 


  1. Ah, the things we do!

    Did you say why the quilt got that unusual name? Maybe I missed it in an earlier post. I remember saying it looked like Moorish tiles but can't remember how you chose the name!

  2. And Kiss Me Jack is marvelous! Love the purples and yellows together!! :)

  3. Great projects. I love the sofa quilt.

  4. The Kiss Me Jack quilt looks wonderful -- congrats on another finish!

  5. I hope that means you got a big promotion and raise. A secretary, longer vacation, and bonus would be nice too. ;) I love your Kiss Me Jack quilt. Colors that I never think about putting together always look great when I see quilts other people have made. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. and kiss me jack? I must have missed something, but what a great name and a great finish. Love the teal with the border fabric, I'm looking forward to seeing that one.

  7. And Kiss Me Jack is so great, love how that developed and soared from a leader ender! Good going on your decision making--it is so much harder to figure those things out once your first choice turns out to flop. This I know....

  8. I love the teal with the border fabric.

  9. Great UFO, I love the purple and yellow!

  10. I never would have thought to put yellow and purple together - but it is stunning! Congrats on the finish. And I think any progress on a UFO is better than it aging in a drawer!


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