Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - August 14th

Tomorrow we'll be halfway through August.   We are more than halfway through the year and I'm way behind on getting projects done.  I've done a fair job of sewing at least 15 minutes most days.  Looking over the year I guess the biggest difference is that the previous two years I've been working really hard on finishing up UFOs.  A lot of those were projects that were almost done or at least halfway finished.  This year I've started several new projects and they just take longer.  I had hoped to get a couple of quilts done so they could be Christmas gifts.  It's going to take more than 15 minutes a day to get to that point.  It may be time to plan out some "sewing room retreat days" if I want to get those gifts done. 

I did sew last week.  Since we were on vacation and away from home, my only choice was to work on a couple of hand work projects. 

The hand work was a nice change of pace.  We got home on Friday, so Saturday and Sunday I did have a chance to work on machine stitched projects.  Six out of seven days isn't a bad week.  What happened last night?   Unfortunately I brought home a souvenir from vacation.  On Friday I ran into a swarm of horse flies that found me quite tasty.   I've got about 10 bites spread over both legs and they itch like the dickens.  I've tried topical hydrocortisone and calamine lotion and they don't really help much.  But taking 2 Benadryl really helped put a dent in the itching, unfortunately that also puts me to sleep.  Hopefully the itching won't last much longer. 

So how did you do in finding time to sew over the last seven days?   Are you on track with this year's goals?  Well on your way to having all your Christmas gifts made?   Feel free to boast on your achievements or bemoan your shortcomings and link up below. 

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Shelia said...

You might try "Tea Tree oil" for your itchy bites. We use it for mosquito bites, wasp stings, chiggers, minor burns and on my 2-3 yr old DGD as a deterent to mosquito bites. The smell is not great but it cures itching usually very quickly and the smell wears down. I find it in the pharmacy section, on the isle with the vitamins at Walmart. Hope it helps.

lesleyworth said...

I've also been spending more time lately trying to clean up the UFO pile. Best of luck with the bites...I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be!

Larri said...

Way to go on the hand sewing! :) Sorry about the bites. Vinegar helps take the sting out of horsefly bites. (Grandma's remedy). And some useless trivia...the female horsefly is the one that bites. It needs mammal blood to aid in reproduction. Yuck. Happy Tuesday! :)

seabreezequilts said...

Don't know what horseflies are? Are they mozzies? It is the female that bites of those. We usually only get them in summer but we have had a few really big ones in the house this winter. Great effort on the sewing front, I have managed to put another couple of projects on the agenda for the next couple of months so I will be keeping up the challenge over the next few months.

Lynne said...

Ew. Sounds awful. Hope you are completely better soon.