Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stash Report - August 12th

How did it get to be noon already?   At least all the back to school shopping is done and laundry is more or less all caught up.  I get to spend the afternoon in the sewing room.  Not a bad way to end a week of vacation. 

Before getting started on that afternoon of sewing, the stash report needs to be posted.  We were in Texas for part of vacation.  Texas has some awesome quilt shops.  Consequently the stash report looks a bit lopsided. 

Used last week:  0.16 yard
Added last week:  27.25 yards

Used for 2012:  23.36 yards
Added for 2012:  246.88 yards

Net stashed for 2012:  223.52 yards
The bulk of what came home with me was a load of Papillion by 3 Sisters for Moda.

The white and blue vine fabric on the end is from 3 Sisters Etchings line.  I just fell in love with this line.  No plans for it at the moment.  I also took the opportunity to adds some teal to the stash with Moda's Pure and Solids line. 

The rich colors of the Coffee Cat Cafe line by Henry Glass fabrics was too pretty to not get a bit of both the blue and the red. 

Same with this deep jewel tones in this yardage and fat quarters from Blank Quilting.

After this last splurge, I'm officially on a fabric diet.  No more purchases unless it's for an existing project.  I'm going to have to get really busy and sew lots of quilts.  So I'm off to get started on the sewing stuff.  Check out all the other stash reports over at Judy's Patchwork Times


Larri said...

LOVE all of it! Besides, what's a vacation for if not a little indulgence? :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck with Back-to-School. Son#1 began Thursday...he's doing homework as I type. :)

Unknown said...

Pretty colors in your fabric! waiting to see how you use it. I don't envy you with back to school...I'm so happy I'm done. Lol. Wishing you a delightful Sunday!

SpinningStar said...

Great buys - very rich deep colors. Good luck on your "diet"...


Barbara said...

Gorgeous fabrics, Kate. I would have bought them too.

Kate said...

Well, those are some great additions! I love the swirls especially. Good luck with the diet. ;)

Lynne said...

Pretty fabrics! I'm on a stash diet - both yarn and fabric - I have to finish up some UFOs and use up some stash before I can buy anything else -- unless it's needed for a current project (or class) of course.