Saturday, April 7, 2012

Foto Finish-Animals

It's Saturday, already?   Not that I'm complaining, but it sure seemed like a short week. 

The one good thing that came out of not having a lap top, is that I've been forced to rely on the pictures that are on the card that's in my camera.   With no historical files to pull from, something new was going to be needed for this week's post.  So I was on the look out for critters this week since Barbara over at Cat Patches proposed "animals" as this week's optional theme.  I got lucky on Monday and happen to spy this guy scurrying around. 

He scampered up a tree as I walked by, but seemed to be willing to pose for me once he reached his perch.  It's been really pretty here in the evenings, though a little cool.  The company I work for has a fitness challenge for all of April and May to walk 10,000 steps a day.  So far, so good on meeting that goal and I've really been enjoying the evening walks. 

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Barbara said...

I need a pedometer. Love this guy. Our squirrels have shown up too. All signs of spring are here...except the sun.

Pat said...

Nice shot! Our squirrels are just so busy skittering around the yard that it's hard to get a photo.

libbyquilter said...

we don't have tree squirrels here and i LOVE seeing shots of them. when i travel to my dr.'s i enjoy seeing them romp around but they all tell me that the little beasties are quite a menace what with tearing into attics and what not. i still think they're pretty darn cute.

i'm curious, how far does 10,000 steps take you?


Lynne said...

Wow! Congratulations on 10,000 steps every day. Well done.

Love the picture of the squirrel - we don't have them in Australia.