Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - April 17th

What a difference a week can make.  Work is still busy, but not quite as frantic as it has been, the reports that had to get in are in.  Taxes are done and filed.  So life has slowed down a bit.  It helped that we didn't have to dash off to somewhere this weekend and I got the chance to sew.  This week was more productive than last week. 

I managed to find some time to sew 4 out of the last 7 days.  Not stellar, but I got in quite a bit of time on Saturday and Sunday.  One UFO is to the finished top stage and I'm working on the binding for the Geisha quilt.  I'm hoping for a finish this week.  My first of 2012.  I had three finishes by this time last year.  That may have more to do with where my projects were than with how much time I spent sewing.  So though I feel really behind, I'm probably not. 

So how was your week?   How many days did you find 15 minutes to sew, knit, embroider, or indulge your need make something?   Write up a post and share how your crafty week went. 

1. libbyQ
2. Amanda
3. Kate
4. June @ QuiltQuest
5. PJ off Avondale Rd.

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Chris said...

To date this year I have been far less productive compared to last year. I am hoping that changes :)

libbyquilter said...

i can definately 'sense' that you are feeling much less overwhelmed and am glad to hear it~!
it's funny, but i somehow count a finished top as a finish . . . i probably shouldn't do that but sometimes it can be quite some time before it bring a top into the next stage of crativity. and becuase of this i have quite a stack of tops. i tease my daughter about inheriting most of them at some point and making a fortune on ebay with them when she's older. she doesn't think it's too funny . . . oh well.

and so next week we're all going to want to see your geisha finish.
~GO KATE~!!~


Shay said...

Ive been patiently waiting to see the finished Geisha quilt so I'm really hoping you find time this week to satisfy my rampant curiosity.

It's amazing how much our ability to get into the sewing room changes from week to week isnt it. Aside from the zips not much happened here this past week !

seabreezequilts said...

School Holidays here so no great achievements this week apart from hours spent in front of The Voice which has started in Oz and I am hooked and it is great to stitch too, did manage at least 15 minutes stitching each day. have to go to work today so I had better get moving though with everyone else staying home I am not that enthuse to get moving.

Keep Stitchin' said...

I'd say since you got to sew quite a bit over the weekend, it doesn't matter if you got 15 minutes in a day the rest of the time! I love days that like where I'm on a roll and get so much accomplished!
No sewing for me today, which surprised me. But we had Grandparents Day at our oldest grandson's pre-school this morning, then I needed to run a couple of errands after dropping DH at home... of course my first stop was JoAnn's and I found two fabrics to add to my stash. I wanted something cheery and bright, but more 'sunny' looking, so I chose a couple of peachy/yellow prints. At first I was only going to get my usual 1/2 yard each, then decided I might as well go with at least a yard of each. Heading up to the cutting table I thought that since I liked it SO much and it was on sale, I may as well buy 1.5 yards of each! Then I had to add a couple of packages of jumbo rick rack (half off, of course!) in a dark melon and a lime... I'm thinking little girls quilts are in my future!

SpinningStar said...

OK - I spent time doing taxes and garden stuff - the end is near (at least for the taxes and accountings).

We'll get our sewing in later - when the temp goes up a bit...off to water the new seeds...


PJ said...

These past weeks for me have been the pitts. I hope to get pointed in the right direction again.