Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - April 3rd

How did it get to be April?  I feel like I'm missing a couple of months.  Between the changes going on at work and Drama Teen's activities, it's been a busy 2012.  The next big deadline is taxes, I'm working on those in small bites.  I'm still trying to figure out where it says in our marriage vows that I'm responsible for taking care of that yearly chore.  I'm assured every year by My Guy, that it's there. 

Moving on.   I've not been very motivated to make the trek up the stairs to work in my sewing room the last couple of months.  I'm hoping that with the longer days, I won't feel so tired in the evenings and can get in at least 15 minutes.  I didn't do real well this week, only 2 days out of the last 7 where any sewing was accomplished. 

I am hoping to finish up the purple and yellow scrap quilt this month.  The last issue of McCall's Quilting showed up late last week with the third installment of the mystery quilt.  I love the final quilt and think my fabric choices are going to work well.  There's a lot of yellow in this quilt and I was really beginning to worry that it was going to be just yucky.  The Rainbow Scrap challenge color for April is neutrals.  Not sure how what I'm going to do with the coffee cup blocks for this month.  Maybe use neutrals as accents in with some brighter colors?  I need to go paw through my stash to see what I have.  I may end up skipping this month because I really wanted all the cups to be made from brights.  Any other suggestions? 

That's it for me this week.  How did you do last week?  Write up a post and let us know.

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2. June @ QuiltQuest
3. libbyQ
4. Thea
5. Kate
6. Hueisei

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Marti said...

I'm missing a couple of months too. Seems like just last week we were waiting for the last W2 or 1099 so we could get everything together for the CPA (we're too stupid to do our own taxes anymore). And here is it April 3 and I still haven't got my expenses gathered up. Ugh!

I don't have any energy for quilting these days either, but you got more done than I did. I love your photo!

libbyquilter said...

i hope that you get to feeling better soon Kate.

LOVE the tulips and grape hyacinth photo~!!~


Shay said...

I’m with you on the How did it get to be April already question. At this rate its going to be July before we know it.

I’d try using neutral and maybe appliqué something bright on the block for this month ...I dont do neutrals all that well. I have to pop a splash of colour in there somewhere.

I’ve been so slack with sewing the last couple of months. I gave myself a kick up the backside and am crossing my fingers for some great things this month.

seabreezequilts said...

I don't know how it got to April either, this year is going way to quick. I have just got my Xmas in July fabric for the quilt shop that I do designs for. So I will be getting busy over the next couple of months.. finally, I played with EQ yesterday for a bit to design the block arrangement and now I will have to work out stitcheries to fill in the blanks.

thea said...

I can't believe it's April either. Crazy how quickly time passes ..

hueisei said...

I can't believe the first week of April almost end too. Loved the tulips photo. Hope you getting better! Keep it up!! :)

Lynne said...

Could you use the neutrals as backgrounds for the letter blocks then appliqué the letters on afterwards? Probably too late in the month to be making such suggestions but there it is! LOL