Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday - April 2nd

This post is a bit later in the day than it typically is, I just couldn't get this posted before I had to be at work today.  Not much going on in the sewing room.  But I do have 6 coffee cup blocks finished, one more than last week.

Block patterns by Karen F. Sebro and Janet McCarroll
published in the books "Block Magic" and "Block Magic Too!"
by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. 

I played around with the UFO numbers for last month so that the purple and yellow quilt was the one I worked on.  I didn't get it finished, but I did get 2 of the 3 borders attached. 

Pattern by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolf
published in "Successful Scrap Quilts"

I have the border pieces for the last round cut, but not sewn together yet.  That's on tap for tonight. 

Fried Computer Update:  Dropped the external hard drive off at the computer repair place this morning.  Picked it up after work and all my files are on it!   So I'm at least whole in terms of where I was when the computer died (the EQ files are there too)! So a happy ending to a 3 week long saga.  I have ordered a new computer and hope that it shows up later this week or early next week.  Until then, I have to share My Guy's. 

If you haven't yet, check out all the cool design walls over at Judy's Patchwork Times 


Barbara said...

Both great quilts, Kate. Love the purple and yellow together.

Marg said...

Love both the quilts. The purple yellow quilt is stunning.

Marg said...
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soscrappy said...

Great looking cups and mugs. I love the pairs.

Shay said...

The purple and yellow has been one of my favourites from your collection for ages. Im still hanging out to see it finished. Go Kate!

Chris said...

I still love the purple and yellow. It is wonderful. So glad you didn't lose all your files. That is soooo frustrating.

Julianne said...

Yellow isnt normally a color I love, but I have to tell ya that I really like how you have it here with the purples...its lovely! Great job!

thea said...

I love your coffee blocks!

Lynne said...

I love the diagonal pattern created by the lights and darks on the purple and yellow quilt. Good news about our files - hurrah!