Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stash Report - October 23rd

It was a busy week.  I had a business trip the first part of the week and then Kiddo was on fall break the last part of the week.  We snuck in a very short trip to one of the state parks where we climbed on rocks for an afternoon and found several wonderful restaurants where we added back all those calories we worked off (and then some probably).

Some sewing did happen.  I finished 5 blocks for the Geisha quilt and finished the Fat Quarter Stars block 2, so there is a little going out.

Used this week:  0.6 yards
Added this week:  0 yards

Used year to date:  48.14 yards
Added year to date:  60.25 yards

Net Stashed for 2011:  12.11 yards

I did check out one quilt shop while we were out and about, but didn't find anything that had to come home with me.  I have just a little over two months to work back to being in the black.  There are two quilts I've been working on that will need backs in the near future.  I have the fabric for those two in my stash, so that should help move me in the right direction.  I'd really like to end the year in the black. 

How's your stash management going?  Link up over at Patchwork Times and share. 


Lynne said...

My stash keeps increasing but that's okay because ten months ago I didn't have any!

Kathie said...

With your schedule this week sounds like lucky you got any sewing done.

Kate said...

Backings from stash will help! It seems to be my downfall.

krisgray said...

Unfortunately, I have a ways to go to get into the black. The "in" numbers just keep increasing. There's always next week, right?

SpinningStar said...

You're getting there - and you are doing much better than last year, if I remember correctly.

Those backings will help.


Chris said...

With all your holiday sewing I am sure you will use up loads of stash :)

Melanie said...

You'll be back in the black in no time!

kwiltnkats said...

Sounds like you've set a goal. Usually that means you'll do it! Just stay out of the quilt shops... Always nice to get outdoors and scout around for something new. Sandi