Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - October 18th

Welcome to week 2 of the 15 Minute Challenge - The "What Was I Thinking" Christmas Sewing version.

Real life has begun to intrude on my dream of finishing 5 quilts for Christmas gifts.  What was I thinking!  I forgot that I have a week long business trip in November, plus I got tapped for a business trip this week.  So that ends up being 8 days out of my sewing time before Christmas.  I really may have to rethink my strategy.  Especially since I only managed 4 days this last week.  One day was actually spent on a non-Christmas project, but I'm going to count the time anyway. 

I'm not going to panic just yet (even though it sounds like I have).  We'll see what things look like after next week.  If things still look dim in terms of having time, I'll trim my quilt Christmas list. 

So how did you do this week on achieving your crafty goals, Christmas related or not?   Use Mr. Linky to share your week's goals or woes as the case may be. 


  1. 67 days???? OMG I am in so much trouble.

  2. Yeah, I'm having a bit of a panic attack, and I only have two quilts to do and no business trips!

  3. I linked up and linked back and added your button to my sidebar for the 15 minutes to sew! Love it!

  4. Haven't even thought about xmas yet. Heading off for a holiday in the sun next week, I intend to take some hand sewing but I don't know how much will get done. So I will catch up with you in 2 weeks time probably in a panic of sewing to get my quilt finished.

  5. Easy girl...take a breath. What's the worst that can happen if you don't finish all five? You can always give an IOU gift certificate for the quilt. Relax. You'll figure something out.

  6. You can do it Kate. And even if you cant I know you'll give it your best shot!


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