Tuesday, October 4, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - Oct 3rd

Do you ever have one of those Monday's where you feel like it's a Monday squared (you know Monday times Monday = absolute chaos)?  That was yesterday.  Nothing bad happened, it was just busy and long. 

Just a quick update on Kiddo's volleyball injury.  She did see her doctor yesterday who diagnosed a torn muscle.  No PE or volleyball for the next 2 weeks.  Kiddo can start back with swim practice next Monday as that should help stretch the muscle without doing any additional damage.  Kiddo may still be able to play in the last two volleyball games of the season, we'll just have to see how fast she heals.  She's one very bummed out volleyball player at the moment. 

In spite of all the distractions of being a temporarily single, working parent, I actually did really good job of finding 15 minutes a day to sew. 

Seven out of seven days is as good as it gets.  It's been a while since I managed that.  I'm actively working on 4 projects at the moment: binding the Buck-a-Block quilt, piecing the Geisha quilt, cutting fabric for the Fat Quarter Stars quilt along and sewing together the blocks of the purple and yellow scrap quilt. Life in the sewing room is good at the moment.

Last week, I asked about the interest in a Christmas focused 15 minute challenge.  The response was pretty mixed on that front.  So the best approach seems to be continue the 15 Minute Challenge as it is with everyone just reporting on how much playing in the sewing room actually happened.  However, I am going to adjust my 15 minutes a day of sewing time to focus on projects I want to finish for Christmas.  There are 5 projects I'd like to finish. 

Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise:
            1.  Flurry - only needs binding
            2.  Geisha - started cutting and piecing blocks
            3.  Jigsaw - haven't even washed the fabric yet
            4.  Scrappy Stars - only 4 blocks complete
            5.  Buck-a-Block - only needs binding

The two that need binding will get done for sure.  Geisha should get done, it's going together pretty fast.  I'm not too sure about the Jigsaw and the Scrappy Stars.  I need to check with Trudy over at Keepin You in Stitches on what her deadline is for quilting projects intended for Christmas.  I'm guessing that if it's not in the mail by December 1st, it's not likely get completed in time for Christmas. 

So that's my plan for the next couple months.  I'm going to spend at least 15 minutes a day working on Christmas gifts.  You are welcome to join me in my ambitious madness or you can demonstrate just how much wiser and saner you are by sticking with your 15 minutes a day on whatever you choose. 

Use Mr. Linky below to link up and share how you did last week on carving out some sewing time each day. 


Pat said...

Sorry to hear about Kiddo's injury. It's hard to sit on the sidelines. Congrats on another productive week. Seven out of seven - great job!

Vanessa R said...

Looks like you had a great week with some sewing EVERY day! And some planning as well.
Hope Kiddo is on the mend and back to her sport as soon as she is able.

Chris said...

Sorry your Kiddo is out of volleyball :(

Sounds like you have a great plan for Christmas. I am still adjusting to the idea it is right around the corner.

seabreezequilts said...

Hope Kiddo is on the mend soon. My son is taking up tennis for the summer, which I am a bit worried about because he is already doing a couple of nights of Karate and every other week he tells me about something else that hurts, but oh well what can you do.
Great achievement on the sewing front I will have to start up with the Christmas sewing soon once my quilt is finished. Have 3 teacher pressies (daughter has 2 teachers) to do and one each for my quilt group (4) might be a couple of late nights in there.

Shay said...

Way to go Kate. 7 out of 7 is BRILLIANT especially since you're flying solo.

Poor Kiddo- 2 weeks is a lifetime in the last four matches of Volleyball season. I guess it could have been worse and at least she's not banned from swimming too!

I'll be waiting and watching for that Jigsaw quilt. Looks like a lot of fun!

Kate said...

Good job on the sewing, and planning things out for Christmas! I'm still trying to ignore it.

Unknown said...

Lots of work done...how do you manage? Hugs

thea said...

Good for you getting sewing in every day! Hope Kiddo is able to get back to volleyball .. that can be so much fun.

Lynne said...

I'm glad she can swim but sorry to hear about the volley ball.

Seven out of seven is a fabulous result - well done!