Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stash Report - July 31st

Can you believe it's the last day of July?  The start of school is only 2 and half weeks away!  Kiddo is ready though, she told me earlier this week that she was "school-sick" and missing her friends.  We went uniform shopping yesterday to find the shirts that French Toast is back ordered on. You might ask what this has to do with the stash report.  Well there is a link.  A few weeks ago Kiddo picked out a quilt she wants for Christmas.  It's "Jigsaw" by Lehman Quilting.

She wanted me to make this quilt out of batiks from my stash.  We pulled a number of fabrics out of my stash, but she wanted the quilt to have some green in it and that's one color I didn't have at all.  Kiddo is amazingly good at visualizing color layouts for quilts (I wish I could get her to sew, but she still prefers to leave that to me.)  She really wanted there to be greens in this quilt.  So yesterday after the uniform shopping was done we went by the quilt shop and picked up some greens and a few other blender fabrics, plus fabric for two borders like the shop's sampler showed. We had a lot of fun pulling fabrics for this quilt.  I really like the palette she's come up with. 

However, this project was not kind to my stash report. 

Used this week: 0.49 yards
Added this week: 8.25 yards

Used year to date: 40.43 yards
Added year to date: 36.75 yards

Net Used for 2011: 3.68 yards

Fabric Budget: 14 yards for July to September
Bought/Budget:  20.75 yards/14 yards

So I've pretty much blown my fabric budget for the quarter.  Actually, probably pretty much for the year as this will leave me with only 3.25 yards that I can purchase the rest of the year to stay on budget.  I already know that I'll need backing fabrics for a couple of quilts.  Oh well, the budget was intended to keep me on track so that I would make the real goal, which is to use more then I buy.  For now I'm still on track with that goal. 

That's it for my report this week.  How did you do?  Check out Judy's Patchwork Times for more stash stories. 


Lynne said...

Does it really count if it's going to be used fairly soon and not actually added to the stash?

You're right; it's a lovely selection of fabrics.

I watched a young lady pull together a lovely collection of purple-based fabrics yesterday; she did it so quickly and so full of confidence! Good on her!

SpinningStar said...

Wonderful fabric selections. I know you wanted to stay on a purchase budget, but you really didn't expect the request from your kiddo.

Are you going to keep her involved with the quilt such as letting her decide to placement of the fabrics and perhaps helping with each step, even if it just a tiny bit?

keep cool this week - it's going to be a scorcher!


Kathie said...

Beautiful fabrics. I have that pattern somewhere (lol), bought it probably 7 years ago and never did make it, don't know why.

Shay said...

Your entire budget for the year was 40 yards which in quilting terms is practically nothing. I think kiddos quilt can come under the heading of special projects. You've still only bought a very minimal amount of fabric.

You've done really well ...still more out than in!

AnnieO said...

I really like that pattern and it will be beautiful in the fabrics and colors you two worked out. Your Kiddo sounds like my daughter--she feels that once she has picked out the fabrics, her portion is done!

krisgray said...

Love those fabrics!! Can't wait to see t finished.