Tuesday, July 5, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - July 5th

Happy July 5th.  For those in the US and Canada, hope your holiday weekend was lots of fun.  We visited with family.  Kiddo got her grandma's fried chicken and potato salad, so she was a happy camper (so were the rest of us). 

Actually, we are still at my sister's house.  Though she has Internet, she does not have wireless, so my computer is pretty useless.  I can log onto Blogger via her computer, but I can't access any of  the graphics that I normally use for the 15 Minute Challenge.  So this week's post will be low tech. 

How was the sewing at your house last week?  Last week was less then stellar for me.  

Tuesday - Finished Borders for Buck-A-Block Quilt
Wednesday -  No Sewing
Thursday - No Sewing
Friday - No Sewing
Saturday - Pieced back for Buck-A-Block Quilt
Sunday - Pressed Buck-a-Block quilt and packed, prepped for shipping
Monday - No Sewing

Now that the Buck-a-Block is ready to go off for quilting, I can start a new project.  Maybe that will give me the enthusiasm to get myself into the sewing room this next week. 

So how did you do?  Link up and tell all!

1. Jill

2. 501quiltblocks

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P.S.  Be sure check in next week.  There will be a special "add on" to the 15 Minute Challenge. 


Kate said...

Well, eve if you didn't do great on the daily challenge, you still got BaB done and ready to go! :)

Keep Stitchin' said...

Other than finishing that table runner I blogged about, I haven't gotten a lot of sewing done. But I think I will this week, as it looks like a fairly quiet week and I'm feeling a little more motivated!

Pat said...

I don't know what's more fun - finishing a project or starting a new one. Congrats on finishing your Buck-A-Block.

Shay said...

Ummmmm you finished a quilt top - how can that have been less than stellar? And it's been a holiday weekend. I think you've done brilliantly.

I had planned to link up this week but all sorts of crazy has been going on here this last few days and I dont have a post prepped! Im sorry Kate. I'll try hard to get something up for next week (assuming any sewing gets done!)

Marti said...

I would join the party, but it would say "No sewing" every day, so I'll just hang my head and admit it to you instead of the whole world. Have fun with your family!

thea said...

good job finishing up the quilt .. you deserve a break.