Saturday, July 30, 2011

Foto Finish - Farm Fields

It's Saturday and I'm home!  July has been insane in terms of activities:  family get togethers, swim meets, and business travel.  Consequently, I've been MIA on some of my regular posts, as well as being really slow on catching up with everyone else's posts.  Things should slow down in a few weeks, or at least I'm desperately hoping that they do!

Moving on to this week's Foto Finish topic of "Farm Fields".  I struggled with this one and ended up using my own interpretation of what constitutes a field used for "farming". 

There's not much farming in the part of Oklahoma where I live.  It's mainly ranching.  So you see miles of the Oklahoma prairie used to raise cattle and horses.  This shot was taken along Highway 60 between Pawhuska and Ponca City.  It's a pretty lonely stretch of highway.  Very few houses are visible from the road.  This is also oil country.  It's where the early oil industry in Oklahoma boomed, so you'll see the occasional oil pump.  In many ways this is a desolate land scape, but oh what the the light does out here.  I used to drive this stretch of road pretty frequently, usually leaving the house before day break and coming home as the sun was setting.  Watching either the sun rise or set out here is breathtaking.  

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  1. lovely photo, the light is so pretty, it's what's all about, isn't it?

  2. Good picture of Oklahoma land and our hazy days of summer. The picture even has a hot feeling to it.

    Keep cool!

  3. What a perfect Oklahoma shot. Driven through there many times, and it really looks like the area. Nice silhouette and light.

  4. Looks just like an aussie farm field from the road Kate.

    I completely agree with you about the light out there. Your photo really shows the shadows and light.

    I hope the craziness slows down for you for a bit and you can enjoy what's left of the summer. We're a month from the official start of Spring!

  5. Welcome home.

    I think that is an amazing photo and a different take of "farmer's fields". Thanks for sharing.

  6. That looks just like the country where I grew up. Some people may find it just empty, but I love to be able to see for miles. Great photo!

  7. I won't tell the ranchers that you called it a "farm" field! LOL

    Great colors & when I clicked on it to see it larger, I was happily surprised to see a bird sitting on the fence!

    Thanks for sharing. :D


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