Saturday, May 21, 2011

Foto Finish - Drama in the Sky

Wow, second weekend in a row that we've been home.  With school winding down, the activities are slowing down too, thankfully.  I'm more than ready for a few lazy days of summer. 

The photo for this week's post almost didn't happen.  A few years ago I had to drive to one of the company's other locations on a fairly regular basis.  On these drives, often the sun would be just coming up over the prairie.  Those sunrises can be spectacular, but I'd keep driving, just watching it through my rear view mirror.  There was no time to stop, I'd tell myself, can't be late for the meetings.  Finally, one morning I took the time to stop.  I just stood outside my car in the cool and the quite watching the sun come up. 

Was I late?  No, I always allowed plenty of time for those trips. Now I try to remember, take the 5 minutes, take the picture, even if it's only with my eyes.  

Check out the other sky scapes over at Cat Patches


  1. Oh, wonderful, Kate. Thanks for posting.

  2. Beautiful! Glad you took the time to stop, and thanks for sharing!

  3. That's an amzing photo Kate. I dont think we stop often enough to take those 5 minutes in our busy lives. Im so glad you did !

  4. Beautiful! Isn't it amazing how precious that "five minutes earlier" can be?

  5. Oh it's beautiful and definitely worth the extra time. Lovely shot!!

  6. Stunning!
    What a great lesson to us all, to take those 5 minutes....

    Thanks for sharing with us!


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