Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - May 20th

It's not quite Friday, but close enough for me to write up this week's Favorite Things Friday post. 

It's been a long week for the inhabitants of this house.  I had a report due this week.  It's in the boss's in-box as of this morning.   I really don't want to see another graph, chart, or bibliography for at least a month. 

My Guy was up and out bight and early this morning for a teleconference.  It's possible he'll be overseas for most of June and July.  Vacation plans are pretty much in tatters at this point.  

Kiddo has 3 days left in the school year and she has end of school-itis.  Can't focus on anything and has her last history test tomorrow.  Can you hear the whining? 

That brings us to today's end of the school/work day routine.  My Guy walked in the door a bit late, looking harried and tired (not unusual).  The first words out of his mouth, "Why is there an electrical box on the dining room table?"

The reply, "It's Kiddo's".  He picks it up and repeats the question, "Why does she have an electrical box?"

My reply, "It's her latest art project."  He turns it every which way and with a very puzzled look on his face turns to me with his next question, "OK, so it's an electrical box with wires on it.  Is it supposed to be something?" 

Kiddo was quite hurt that neither one of us figured out what it was supposed to be.  Can you?  Here's a hint. 

So what was my favorite thing?  (Well, besides Kiddo's incredibly creative modern sculpture.)   Just the end of day nonsense that is fairly typical, but rarely predictable between the three of us.  Keeps life interesting. 

Check out Quilting in My Pyjamas for more favorite things. 


  1. She is very clever and creative.

  2. love the nonsense .. glad I'm not the only one with that! Great post! so what is the sculpture for??

  3. Ya gotta love stuff like the end of day nonsense. Very creative art project!

  4. Very creative young woman - but I fail to recognize what exactly it is! Sorry - I am the person with the least imagination in the universe.

  5. It's always the everday stuff that turns out to be lifes gems.My kids are all grown but at family dinners etc. it's the everday goofy stuff they loved and remembered and want to talk about and have a laugh over.

  6. Love the daily encounters of people in residence. Interesting sculpture.

  7. Aren't kids clever and yeah for the end of the week. Sorry about the holidays plans.

  8. I was wrong - I thought it was some kind of disguised handbag. But it's more obvious on the second photo.

  9. yep, chaos reigns everywhere -- we just gotta roll with it --- love the art project !! someday I hope she (you) share it with us!

  10. Ya just gotta remember life is an adventure :) TGIF!

  11. My first thought was also a purse, but I guess it has more to do with the timing mechanism for swimming???

    Enjoy the rain - lots of it is coming your way!

  12. love it!

    Is she always on the #4 starting block?

    bummer about your husband being gone for most of the summer!

    at any rate - congratulations on finishing your report! Enjoy the weekend now that you're finished with it!

  13. The end of a long day/week is a good favorite to me. Sorry about hubs work travel. Maybe you can meet him with the kids? That would make a crazy great vacation.

  14. I enjoy the all of the craziness that comes with having a family! Your daughter has a creative mind!

  15. Sorry to hear about the vacation plans.
    Kiddo's sculpture is very clever! I'm glad you gave us the hint though!.


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