Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are you Ready for Friday Night?

Handmade by Heidi

This month I get to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In!  It always seems something else is going on and I have to pass.  Not this week!  I have permission from My Guy and Kiddo to come home on Friday and disappear into my sewing room for a few hours.

What am I going to work on?  The Buck-a-Block quilt that was supposed to have been finished back in March.  It's one of my PhD challenge quilts.  I had a setting all worked out, then realized I didn't have enough blue fabric to do it that way.  This was the original plan:

So now I'm working on tweaking the design.  I have lots of the black, but only two and half yards of the darker blue.  So it's either rework the setting or shop my stash for a different blue.  Hopefully I'll get that all worked out tonight so I can start cutting and sewing Friday night. 

If you want to sew along with 100+ others on Friday night, hop over to Handmade by Heidi and sign up. 

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Shay said...

I probably wont make it- I have some family things going on this time around. I hope you have a ton of fun!