Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where Do PIGS Come From - April 2oth

Jill over at Ramblings of a Fabric and Yarn Obsessor started a support group for those with chronic UFOism and PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks) tendencies.  This week's questions: 

  • What part (or parts) of the process of making a quilt are your least favorite?
  • The part (or parts) that you just dread and that make you throw your projects back into the dark recesses of your stash closet?
  • Have you found any tricks to break the cycle of being held up on the parts that aren't your favorite?

I've mentioned before that I really have a lack of enthusiasm for the fabric cutting part of quilting.  I have a couple of UFOs that have stayed UFOs because they need a lot of pieces cut. It's this tendency that drives me to choose BOMs.  It's a lot easier to convince myself to cut out the fabric needed for just one block each month, rather then cutting 20 strips of a single fabric, then 20 more of another just so you can make whatever.    

Do I have any tricks to break the cycle?  The simple answer is no.  I have tried using 15 minutes of most every sewing session to cut fabric for a project that needs to be finished (or even started).  That helps some, but it is a slow process.  No magic fabric cutter at my house.  How do you convince yourself to cut all the fabric for a project? 

If you want to learn more about the origin of PIGS, check out Jill's post. 


Nana B said...

I'm with you - I hate to cut out the pieces. I have opted not to make many a quilt because they involved too many pieces.

Chris said...

I do not hate to cut the fabric, but it is not my favorite part. I usually put on some music (or a book on CD) and cut enough for the first part. I seldom cut an entire quilt at once. There are times that I do cut the entire quilt, but I do it in sections...while the potatoes boil I do a few strips, for example. I have a Go cutter, but the dies are not always the sizes I need.

Keep Stitchin' said...

It just so happens I am one of those strange few that love cutting fabric. When I worked at a quilt shop, I was the one everybody would ask to cut fabric when it got really busy.

I have heard others talk about those machine (AccuCut, etc...) for cutting shapes out, and I've been very surprised to hear how much they love these machines. I thought maybe it would become one of those things you buy for your sewing room that end up getting used once and then never again. But so far all I've been hearing is positive reports. I believe it comes with certain dies and you may have to buy more if you get really into it, but for those that hate cutting, or have a lot to do, it sounds like a good idea.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I finally used my GO for the flamingo and Maxind quilts and it was soooo easy!! I got everything done so quickly and the only problem I had was that one of the dies seems to be a little misshapen. But I was able to make it work and it was definitely easier to run the fabric thru the GO. A little fun as well!

I think what helps me with cutting is the stash busting. I'm more eager to cut now so that I can report it on Sunday! Lol

Deb A said...

Kate, thanks for visiting my blog! I guess I don't mind cutting fabric but I have to be 'in the mood' for it. I tend to just cut enough for 4 blocks and work those. That way it isn't all cutting or all sewing, and you get to see some results. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Ditto for me on the cutting - I do it only out of necessity! I have found that I really do enjoy the sewing when I have all the cutting done, so try to have cutting sessions every once in a while (and trust me, I whine when I do it) so that I have lots to work on. I also cut two whole quilts while watching the last Olympics!

Julianne said...

it's hard to cut but also to know what to cut. I don't think I am ready to turn it over to a machine just yet.