Tuesday, April 26, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - April 26th

I can't say we had any less going on at home this week, but I did a better job of coping with it than last week.  It didn't hurt that I was off work Thursday and had time to sew.  We went to the visit My Guy's family for Easter, so not a lot of sewing this weekend.  But I did get two sides of binding sewn down on the Brown Bag BOM

So how does the report look this week?  A lot better than last week, at least 15 minutes of sewing happened 6 out of the last 7 days. 

Much better than last week's 3 out of 7 days!  I really made an effort this week to get upstairs to my sewing room.  Some nights it's so easy to convince myself that I'm too tired to sew.   On those nights staying in front of the computer and reading blogs or answering emails just seems easier.  I guess there is something to Newton's First Law of Motion, "A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  A body at rest, tends to stay at rest".  (I'm married to a physicist, occasionally something rubs off).  Once I get parked in the recliner with the computer on my lap, staying at rest is really, really easy! 

Did you find some time to sew over the holiday weekend or was it just too jammed with other festivities?  Write a post about your quilting time and add your link below. 


  1. Wow Kate, you did really good. And I know the part about sitting down with the computer on your lap. Probably the worst thing to happen if you have any other plans for the day. :-)

  2. You did really well this week, that's great. I know what you mean about staying in front of the computer, tonight was one of those nights, plus I just spent half the evening talking on the phone too, although that was really nice.

  3. 6 out of 7 days is great. I thought of your challenge when I dragged my behind into my sewing room last night for about 20 minutes. I did not get a lot done, but cut out fabric that was waiting :)

  4. That's great! Isn't it funny how sometimes we don't really 'count' doing things like cutting fabric, or handwork as part of our time sewing, but it really does matter? I often think of it only in terms of the time I'm actually sitting at my sewing machine, but everything else we do is part of it and it counts! Glad you were able to get more done!
    It's pouring here today, so I probably will have more time to work on certain stuff.

  5. I think you did wonderfully this week Kate. Looks like heaps got done despite you asserting you did not much sewing. Fabric cutting and quilt squaring counts.

    And I didnt know about bodies in motion but that explains why I cant ever sit still! Thank you Mr. Kate.

  6. OMG Marg..I spent half the night on the phone too..who were you talking to? lol

  7. I totally understand about the recliner and the laptop. It's just so hard to get up when you have all that weight on you. lol

    You did good this week though, even with all you had going on.

    We finally got rain this afternoon, but thanks for the offer of sending some. Why don't you hang on to it for a few days? I'm sure I'll need it again by Friday.

  8. Great effort this week by you. Planning to get 15 minutes usually will mean that you might get more but if you don't at least you have done that little bit. This week mine was more like 15 minutes each day instead of the couple of hours a day that has been happening. I have got a couple of deadlines out the way so there is no pressing need to put in a lot of effort and it is school holidays. I probably need to ramp things up this month though a couple of things need finishing for June and I will feel better about them once I get them underway. Catch you next week.

  9. I know what you mean about 'body in motion'. The more I sit, the more I want to sit. I think I'm going to try to adopt your 15 minute plan. For the past year or so, I've done quite a bit of sewing/quilting each day but over the past few weeks - not so much.


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