Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stash Report - December 26th

Happy day after Christmas!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  My family definitely did.  I've pretty much eaten my way through Christmas and across two states.  Oh well, that's what New Year's resolutions are for!

I'm not ready for the last stash report of 2010.  Not much sewing last week since I had Christmas stuff to finish up.  My cutting table is covered with gift tags, ribbons, bows and paper rather than fabric.  I did get a bit done before I had to get serious on the gift wrapping.  So here's the final report:

Used this Week = 0.62 yards
Added this Week = 0 yards
Used year to Date = 48.4 yards
Added year to Date = 356 yards
Net Used for 2010 =  (307.7) yards

I didn't make my revised goal of using 50 yards, but I was only a little over a yard and a half short.  However, my stint on the NO FABRIC wagon continued.  This completes 9 weeks of no fabric purchases!  So I did make that goal.  So over all, not too bad on meeting my revised goals.  I failed miserably on meeting my original goal of using more fabric than I buy.  I would like to use more than I buy next year, so I'm going to have to come up with some strategies to guide my fabric purchases.  I'm considering a number of different approaches, a fabric budget (maybe tied to how much sewing I do), drawing up a fabric buying plan and limiting purchases to just that list.  Any other suggestions on things that have worked for you or things you are going to try? 

Hop over to Judy's Patchwork Times to check out how everyone did on their 2010 goals. 


Kathie said...

One goal at a time. I know I never went 9 weeks this year without purchasing fabric, that is great going in itself.

pdudgeon said...

suggestions? you betcha!

1.dig thru your pattern selection, find a pattern that you like, and then shop your stash to make it work.

2. quickly check your stash and see how many pieces you have that are sufficient for quilt backs. set those aside. making up quilt backs will eat up a lot of stash in a hurry when you need an extra oomph for your weekly totals.

3. when tempted to shop, take a pattern along with you so you won't buy more than you need.

4. most important---HAVE FUN!

Judy D in WA said...

9 weeks is a very long time without buying fabric. :) Good job!!! Pam has some really good advice. I love to shop my stash and make it work.

Charlene S said...

Shop stash for backs and pops. Shop stores with a definite use in mind. But always have FUN! Goals are just that goals not set in stone or written in blood(you didn't, did you?).

SpinningStar said...

You still did good this year - you are thinking about stash management.

I checked my spreadsheet for when I had the largest purchases - it was when I went by myself to stores. So, I am going to make sure I always shop with a buddy as well as shop with a goal list.

You are doing a UFO challenge, so the yardage will fly off the shelf once you do the backing. But, I am planning to go through my UFO list and pull the fabric NOW. That way, I won't be tempted to use some of the fabric for another start and then need to buy more for a backing. I figure that having the UFO package ready in my quilt room will also slow me down in playing with fabrics and starting a new project.

You may want to find some patterns and "kit" them up for an easy grab and sew project.

Have a great year!


Shay said...

Kate, I am in no position to be handing out advice since I slipped badly again last week. I bought a layer cake, and 11 yards total of two different other fabrics and justified it as backing.

Then someone had Santorini on special for 3.99 yd and I've always wanted that line so I bought a yard of each fabric!

I have been publicly admiring your restraint for weeks since apparently I have no will power and the time is long past for pretending I do!

Your effort this year with de-stashing has been monumental.

Katie Z. said...

There are some great suggestions here! Make a plan, and you can do it!