Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stash Report - December 19th

The Christmas shopping is done, but I still need to wrap stuff.  Christmas cards are on tap for today (no I've not done mine yet).  Not much sewing going on the last couple of weeks, too much other stuff that needed to get done.  I am hoping to get to my sewing room for a bit today.  Not much out this week.  Finished one block for the scrap quilt.  Still trying to get the center block done for the Seeing Stars BOM, so I can't count that fabric yet. But I did use some fabric to test out a new technique for making part of the center, so I'm going to count that.  Those two blocks will get added to my orphan block stash that I'll do something with some day.   I'm still firmly on the NO FABRIC wagon, nothing in this week.  So here's this weeks report:

Used this week = 0.16 yards
Added this week = 0 yards
Used year to date = 47.8yards
Added year to date = 356 yards
Net Used for 2010 = (308.4)

I'm going to have to get busy this week if I want to make my revised stash goal of 50 yards out.  How's your stash busting going?  Hop over to Judy's to check out how everyone else is doing.


Tamera said...

I think you can do it! Only 2.2 yards to go for your goal.

Penny said...

Love your scrap quilt. Good use of your stash (background stuff). I am sure you can bust the final couple of yards to get to 50. Good luck!

Kathie said...

15 minutes a day in the sewing room and you can reach your revised goal

Jo said...

Looks like your goal is in sight. GO FOR IT!

Shay said...

You're amazing Kate. You've stuck to the no fabric thing so well.

It's almost a new year -with new stash busting goals to make !

Katie Z. said...

You can do it!