Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - December 3rd

Yeah! It's Friday!  Finally!  For some reason it's been a very long week.  Maybe it's because it's been a busy one, not so much at work, but all the other stuff.  On-line Christmas shopping took up one evening, parents meeting with the swim team coach took another, then homework from my training class at work took up two evenings.  So no sewing this week, that always makes for a long week.

So enough on the life happens stuff and on to Favorite Things Friday stuff.   Do you ever stop to think about life before personal computers?  Remember typewriters?  Remember writing letters to family with pen and paper?  How did you plan vacations, book hotels, locate the closest Starbucks to where you were staying without a computer (Remember life without Starbucks? Let's not go there today.)   I think you get my drift.  My favorite thing this week is my computer.

Not only is there email, the Internet, and Blogger, there is other great software that allows me to waste time create fun stuff.   What would I do without Microsoft Excel to track my stash?

Photography wouldn't be the same without digital cameras and PhotoShop Elements (It's amazing how you can spruce up a picture!).

Or make PNG objects from my fabrics to use on my quilt labels.


Add in Scrapbook Fabric Deluxe to do digital scrap booking with my photographs, make Mother's Day Cards, quilt labels, etc..

And I almost forgot, what would I do without Electric Quilt?

That's my favorite thing (or maybe things?) for this Friday.  What's yours?  Check out Mrs. P over at Quilting in My Pyjamas to see other great favorite things. 


  1. yep, it's on my list too....can't live with 'em or without 'em !!

  2. So true Kate! I'm a bit challenged using the computer, but man, just clik and there we go!
    I totally agree..what did we ever do?

  3. I so agree. I don't know that I could live without a computer, but life was much simpler without them. LOL. TGIF!

  4. agreed! My laptop is where I find all of my information. If I have a question, I just go to google - If I need directions, I go to mapquest - recipes, photos, etc.

    Great post!

  5. I feel totally lost if I can't get hold of my laptop or the internet. Totally dependent these days. Just think, it isn't even 20 years since I got my first email and now I couldn't live without it!

  6. I totally agree, I would be lost without a computer, but I would be much more productive.
    I'm crying, I so want Electric Quilt but I have a Mac and it isn't compatible.

  7. I love my computer because it connects me with all of you.

    I often wonder what my grandfather would make of all this technology . He passed away in 1973 and would be astounded at all the amazing things we do with it now.

    It still blows my mind that I can be in a room over the other side of the world with a webcam, or that I can send someone a picture of what Im doing right now.

    Great post Kate. Thanks for sharing your FTF!

  8. Oh yes, my computer is a definite favorite! My very most favorite aspect is that it connects me with people across the world.

    All of those other things you mentioned are totally awesome too. :-)

  9. I love that you track your stash! Yeah, my computer ranks right up there with all of my appendages as being pretty crucial in life. I'd be a little lost without it, although sometimes I consider taking a break. That lasts about an hour and then I have to check my email. :)

  10. I love my computer too, but don't have any of those programs you mention. Well, except Excel and I don't know how to work that one :) I'm just glad to be connected to others through these here Innernets.

  11. I'm lucky that I don't remember a time before them... I learned to type in year 1 on a macintosh, but we already had a computer with DOS at home... I was so excited when we upgraded to 3.1 because it looked so much cooler than the white on blue of the DOS or the green on black of the mac... I would have been about 6 at the time, and now I find myself running DOS emulators in Windows 7 so my little sister can play the games we did when we were her age...

  12. While I truly miss receiving handwritten letters and notes, I couldn't live without my computer. I get really cranky when I have no access to it. ;o) Great FTF! Thanks for sharing! :o)


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