Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stash Report - December 12th

It's Sunday again and I'm trying to figure out where the rest of the week went.  Just about done with Christmas shopping, I just need to wrap it all.  I'm off work tomorrow, so maybe I can get back into the sewing room for a bit.  Today kiddo has day two of a swim meet, so I won't get much sewing done today.  I was able to get away long enough yesterday to pick up my Bernina 830 at the shop.  They tell me not only is it fixed, it's been upgraded.  I might get it set back up this afternoon.  I was sorely tempted at the quilt shop to fall off the NO FABRIC wagon, they had Christmas fabric for 40% off.  But I resisted temptation and came home only with the 830 and a new pattern.  Which is good, because there was not much out this week.  I did finish a purple and yellow scrap block.  I've made a good start on the Seeing Stars BOM center, but it's not far enough along for me to count the fabric.  Here's the weekly report:

Used this week = 0.08 yards
Added this week = 0 yards
Used year to date = 47.6
Added year to date = 356 yards
Net used for 2010 = (308.5)

Not sure I'm going to make my revised goal of using at least 50 yards of fabric by year's end.  I have the week after Christmas off, so there is still hope.  I've managed to stay on the NO FABRIC wagon for 7 weeks, only 2 more weeks till the end of the year.  I'd originally said no new fabric till at least January.  I'm still deciding what 2011's stash goals are.  Maybe I'll challenge myself to stay on the NO FABRIC wagon for a while longer. Wonder how long I can hold off temptation and stay on the wagon?  Do you have your 2011 stash busing goals figured out?

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Shay said...

Spotlight had 75% off Christmas fabric here over the weekend. I avoided it like the plague...

My goal for next year is to make two full quilts straight off without buying a thing to do them...(and to finish several I have all the stuff for here ) At this rate I wont be looking at buying fabric for about 6 months..

Pftttttttttt like that will ever happen.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

SpinningStar said...

You are doing good, but I would wait until you have your goals done for the next year before you do a complete no-buy goal...After all, there may be a great sale that does help to fill in a hole or two in your stash.

I;ve been doing the stashbusting for two years. While I haven't make my busting goal it has helped in directing my purchases. I do think twice when looking at fabric.

I think that the lack of buying for a period of time made me overbuy a bit at the times I did hit a store.