Thursday, July 6, 2017

The One Monthly Goal for July 2017

How did it get to be the 6th of July so fast?  It certainly seems that July is speeding by more quickly than I'm ready for.  It will be a busy month, lots of plans already on the calendar.  We've got a family vacation on there, plus I've got another business trip planned as well.  Access to the sewing machine will be rather limited in July. So what would make a good One Monthly Goal

The OMG has been a great motivator the last year.  I've tried to pick projects that have reached places where I tend to stall out.  If I use that as my guidance criteria for picking this month's goal, then figuring out a setting plan for the Scrappy Coffee Cup blocks would be a good goal.  

 Scrappy Coffee Cups
Block patterns from Karen F. Srebro and Janet McCarroll
published in Block Magic and Block Magic Too by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

These blocks are also this month's July UFO project.  So it would be nice to see some progress on getting these into a quilt, but that takes a plan first.  I don't have any more of the background fabric.  This was my first Rainbow Scrap Challenge project and I didn't realize that I might want some background left over to use for the setting.  I've been stalled on the setting since realizing that. Here's the one quilt mock up I attempted several years ago. 

It's a bit "blah" don' you think?  I need to go stash diving, I believe I bought a print with coffee cups on it to use for the outer border.  Not sure where that ended up.  But maybe this quilt should have a scrappy border?  So that's the goal for July, come up with a final setting plan for these blocks.  They won't come off the UFO list till I get at least that far.  These blocks date from 2012.  It would be nice to finally get them into a quilt.    

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the July One Monthly Goal.  


  1. You made great blocks! I'm afraid I have no advice for setting them, but they will be a lovely quilt when you are done.

  2. Cute blocks and love the colors of the cups. What about pulling the colors lime and orange from you cups for one of your borders and binding?

  3. I like the layout! And, honestly the calm blue talks to me. I must admit the idea of lime and orange would add a ton of zip to this. Have fun deciding what to do with it!

  4. I love this one....thanks for sharing the pattern idea. Next week's TUesday Archives theme is teacups....teacups, coffee could share it with us. :)

  5. You might consider a piano key border adding colors from the cups, or even make the narrow inner border in short strips (10-12") of different colors, joined on the diagonal. That would clear out more scraps in an easy fashion. Then your outer blue border would finish it off.

  6. I love this quilt. I have pinned it and really want to make something similar one day. I often mess up and end up with less background fabric than I need and have to change plans.

  7. What a fun design! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts and good luck on your project.

  8. I like it as you've mocked it up, I don't think it looks boring at all. This is a fun project!

  9. I agree with you about the OMG keeping us productive on a regular basis. But I disagree with you - the Coffee Quilt is not blah. It is whimsical and can be anything depending on the fabric. As far as not having enough background, I suggest words from the wise - Sujata Shah of Cultural Fusion Quilts. She said - Borrow from the Neighbor, meaning if you do not have red, use orange. You can do this!!!


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