Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday - August 27th

Can you believe it's the last week in August?   That means I've got 4 days to make any progress on this month's UFO.  I've had the blocks up on the design wall and worked out the final layout, but that's pretty much been it for the month. 

The Sofa Quilt is still under construction.  I've gotten stalled on the flying geese for block B.  I don't mind making the geese, but I hate trimming them.  They've become a demotivator.  So the rest of the geese will be finished as leaders and enders so I can get caught up on some other projects.  It's much easier to stay enthusiastic if I only have to trim a couple at a time. 

Having relegated the Sofa Quilt to a leaders and enders project for the moment, I switched my attention to making this month's blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I finished up all three blocks yesterday. 

My Guy really liked this one.  He was a little less thrilled with the last two.

Actually, he was OK with the top one, but asked me if I couldn't have found something other than the lambs for the third cup.  The answer to that was no.  I don't have much teal in my stash.  I bought two fat quarters to make the "leafy" cup.  Since this is supposed to be a project made from scraps, I didn't want to buy any more than I actually had to have.  I like the little lamb cup, it reminds me of something that might be in a little girls play tea set.  Here's the entire set of cups made to date.

Block patterns from Karen F. Srebro and Janet McCarroll
publised in Block Magic and Block Magic Too by
Nancy Johnson-Srebro

I'm pretty happy with how this project is coming along.  It's been fun and a good learning experience.  The blocks are 6" finished.  I don't usually work that small, or with so many pieces.  It really forces me to concentrate on sewing accurately so the pieces all fit together at the end.  I'm glad it's the end of the month as I'm looking forward to finding out what September's color will be. 

Time to get ready for work, so I guess that's it for me this week.  I'm linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times as usual.


  1. I love quilts with dishes and cups on them. I made a couple of them last year. Yours looks fabulous. And the letters! LOL. I love it all.

  2. Your cups continue to amaze me, so colorful. But I guess that was the idea. I am getting ready to start a teapot BOM and use stash fabrics that seem to be ignored, by me.

  3. I really like this project too and there is a lot to be said about smaller blocks. Great job - keep it up!

  4. Looks wonderful!! I need one like it in my kitchen!!

  5. What a great time you've had so far, picking out all the cup fabrics. I personally like the lambs too--they look very sweet :)

  6. Aww, I like the little lambs! It's a cute teacup. And I'm with you - HATE trimming flying geese.

  7. I like the lambies...I think it's cute!

    Making great progress on the coffee quilt Kate. It really is another one of my faves!

  8. I LOVE the ones with the little lambs, I was thinking the same thing... it reminded me of something we might have had when we were little girls.

    I don't like having to trim points on blocks/units... it is one reason why sometimes I just sit down and make all of the blocks/units at once, then pull out the garbage can and my scissors and cut them all at the same time, letting the points fall into the garbage can. Why do we dislike certain tasks so much??? It's not like it's hard! lol

  9. I think the lamb cup is super cute, and the quilt top is looking fabulous.

  10. I like them all but I think the one preferred by My Guy is my favourite.


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